Wednesday, November 02, 2011

More Olympian Roadworks

Hot on the heels of the resurfacing at Redbridge Roundabout we now have Transport for London wanting to close Southend Road off Charlie Brown’s roundabout overnight for approximately 3 months. Normally we get notified of such matters direct from TfL but this time it comes from the Roding Councillors blog who are also celebrating a 101st birthday.
Transport for London has told us it intends to make a Traffic Order to enable carriageway resurfacing works to take place on the Southend Road. This will mean the road will be closed overnight, except for local access to Lechmere Avenue, preventing any vehicle from:
(1) entering, exiting or proceeding in an eastbound direction on A1400 Southend Road between its junctions with Charlie Brown’s Roundabout and Lechmere Approach. Local access will be maintained;
(2) entering, exiting or proceeding in a westbound direction on A1400 Southend Road between its junctions with Clayhall Avenue and Charlie Brown’s Roundabout. Local access will be maintained.
The Order will be effective at certain times between 14th November 2011 and 29th February 2012 each night 9:30 PM to 6:00 AM or when the works have been completed whichever is the sooner. The prohibitions will apply only during such times and to such extent as shall from time to time be indicated by traffic signs.
I don’t suppose our local 24 hour Tescos are too happy, this coming slap bang on the Christmas and New Year Sales shopping opportunities season but then neither am I – how am I going to get home from The Bell or the Rose & Crown on the 123?

The report in the Wanstead & Woodford Guardian where local businesses were up in arms about it has disappeared off their website but it is still available on webcache – see here.

I would have thought that a bit of contra-flow would keep the arteries open, and the buses flowing.

Note: It’s not just the Olympics traffic we have to look forward to next year, we also have the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I don’t know if you have noticed but there is one of those beacon thingies over at Hainault Forest Country Park.


  1. There's the beacon procession, the olympics, the para olympics, the Jamaican Jubilee, the nottinghill carnival, the Queen's jubilee and subsequent visits to various boroughs (!) the police are also talking about flu epidemics or food poisioning with all the extra people in London!

  2. TfL are incapable doing things in ways which minimise inconvenience.

    Its like asking a traffic warden for compassion.

    Simply no understanding of the concept.