Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cardboard, Drains and Cooking Oil

As it is now 5 months since Redbridge Council introduced Kerbside recycling collections for both paper and cardboard, I thought I’d find out how things are going. The blue boxes were not fully rolled out to the whole borough until July, so we are looking at figures for August and September set against the corresponding period last year. The headline figure is that paper/card recycling at the kerbside has increased by just under 38%. But the cardboard recycling facilities at bring sites have been withdrawn, so how much of that increase is a transfer from those bring sites and the RRC at Chigwell Road? The bring/RRC figures have gone down as expected - by 31% but on lower numbers so the impact is not as great. The overall total is UP by 26%.

Now, for those statistical nerds out there who will have noticed that the sub-totals do not add up to the total, there is a reason for that. The difference is the paper/card that is recovered from residual waste heading for landfill by the BioMRF facility at Jenkins Lane. So there!

There has also been an increase in mixed recycling by about 17% but I don’t know if that’s the total figure or just kerbside collections. There may have been some migration from bring to kerbside but an increase was expected as the arrival of blue boxes kick start more residents into the recycling habit.

As you can see from the chart green waste figures follow a similar pattern with the RRC total going down and kerbside increasing, as more people take advantage of the scheme. For the nerds the difference in totals here is the green waste collected by the Sunday car park scheme.

So, all in all, jolly good progress, except for this ….

Last month some dumbass dumped a load of cooking oil in the lake at South Park and three cygnets [baby swans] had to be rescued and cleaned up. This has prompted a Council campaign on how to properly dispose of cooking oil. You’re not supposed to pour it down the drains, it clogs them up, and especially the rainwater drains which end up in our lakes and rivers.


  1. The green waste collection should be extended into November. A lot of my neighbours still have green bags in their front gardens waiting to be collected. They obviously didn't read the Council handout.

  2. It still works Nov to Mar if you book!

  3. We're still unable to recycle cardboard in our flat development (unless we take it to the centre in Chigwell, wherever it is). Haven't heard from H since the coffee morning. I can only presume he was unsuccessful in getting anyone in the management office to do anything save to say, "We'll look into it." About a week ago, I noticed someone put a large cardboard box in the rubbish shed to be collected with the regular rubbish. I was amazed the rubbish collectors took it. :/

  4. Let's hope your cardboard box was diverted from landfill by the BioMRF in Jenkins Lane!?!
    I will put you in touch with a Man with answers.

  5. Thanks, A. Email received and will respond this weekend when I can sit with my emails and give them proper attention. I'm sure folks are tired of me harping about it, but it really bugs me when this is something we can do borough wide quite easily. It's frustrating trying to get anything done around here!