Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Neighbourhood Link

Redbridge Borough Police is the latest Metropolitan Police borough to launch an innovative community messaging service to provide the public with news and information from their local police.

Called Neighbourhood Link, it is a free service that enables local residents, businesses and those who work in the borough to regularly receive information from the police.

Those signing up to Neighbourhood Link will receive emails and text messages about crime and safety in the areas they sign up to.

Through Neighbourhood Link, Safer Neighbourhoods Teams will keep recipients updated with local police activity, crime prevention advice and what they are doing to address community concerns and make Redbridge borough one of the safest boroughs in London.

Redbridge Borough Commander, Sue Williams said:

“I’m delighted to launch Neighbourhood Link in Redbridge Borough”

“Feedback from other boroughs using Neighbourhood Link has been extremely positive and I would encourage anyone living, working or visiting Redbridge Borough to sign up to Neighbourhood Link and receive information about local police activity and what we are doing to address community concerns."

Neighbourhood Link will also be used by other Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) units to keep recipients informed in the event of a major incident impacting on London.

In order to receive messages, individuals will need to register their details. Registering is free of charge and will enable the police to send messages relevant to the areas where they live and work.

To register please visit


  1. Of course, if they did not waste money on
    peripheral activites, such as this, we may have
    had more police on the beat, where we can see
    what they are doing,instead of telling us about
    smoke and spin.

  2. Do you have to be a meerkat to join in, or can humans take part?

  3. Only if the meerkat or human can pass the British test.

  4. I know one answer Sir, really, really - a Mappa Mundi is when my dad switches on the SatNav at the beginning of the week! Boom, boom!

  5. Is that the SatNav that takes over-height vehicles down Forest Road?