Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Parish Notices

Group Blogging

The more observant readers will have noticed that B21 has joined the new trend of Group Blogging (see the strapline at the bottom of each post to see who wrote/ published it). We now have two more authors/ publishers apart from myself - Mira Vogel and Papanomicron. Of course we have had guest posts from them both in the past, as well as from people like Ron Jeffries, Morris Hickey, David Martin and others plus Councillors like Michelle Dunn, but I had to edit, format and publish them. And I will continue to do so. If any reader would like to submit a guest post on a local topic of interest or controversy then please do let us know, you can find our email over in the right hand side bar.

Electronic Notice Board

One of our two other blogs – B21 Resources which started as a place to store more detailed information has now morphed into an electronic Notice Board and has been renamed as B21 Notices. This blog doesn’t get much in the way of traffic yet, so please do have a look to check when you visit. There are links over in the right hand side bar under the heading “Notice Board”. And of course if you have a notice you wish to display then do send it in.

My Favourite Shop

The second of our two other blogs is My Favourite Shop, which again doesn’t get much traffic, mainly because it’s not updated very often. I was amazed, when I looked at it recently, to find that the most recent post was dated 4th December 2008 and was from Ron Jeffries writing about a shop which is now closed – our old mate Danny’s Barkingside DIY. So I published a post on Veena’s written by Flesh is Grass back on 9th September 2009. I’m not sure what to do with this blog, but what with the Barkingside Business Partnership’s blog having gone moribund too there does seem to me to be an opening here to promote the local economy. I have tried, not too successfully, to find websites and links to local shops and I have written a post on PG Creed, although that shop is in Seven Kings. What I need is customer reviews from you the readers … How about it?

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