Thursday, September 08, 2011

Cuckoo Hall

An 18th Century house in a walled garden stood on the East side of Aldborough Road North, occupied in 1777 by a Captain Williams. This was probably the Old Clock House, demolished in the early 19th Century except for the red-brick garden walls and a former gazebo. (Source: British History Online – the Borough of Ilford)


1. This photograph is dated circa 1950 and was scanned from a booklet published by the Dick Turpin at around that time.
2. The same elevation in 2010.
3. The rear of the gazebo and wall after the ivy and some undergrowth had been cleared – August 2011.
4. The roof seen from inside the building – August 2011. The first floor and ceiling to the ground floor has disappeared and two doorways boarded up.
5. The front elevation and wall – seen through the undergrowth – August 2011.

Today the gazebo and wall stand within the grounds of the Dick Turpin – leased to Miller and Carter by the London Borough of Redbridge. Both the gazebo and the wall are Locally Listed. Following presentations in 2011, Miller and Carter and the Borough agreed to carry out essential repairs to maintain the building for any possible future use, but there is no public access at the present time.

Ron Jeffries


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