Saturday, September 03, 2011

Autumn 2011 Coffee Mornings

Thursday 15th September 2011
Max Reid
Campaign for Accessible and Reliable Transport
Redbridge Transport Action Group

Max Reid is a veteran local campaigner who is now a wheeler and has been at war with London Transport over many really simple issues on accessibility – mainly with buses. He is also not too happy with the group “Transport for All” and wants to set up our own locally based Redbridge Transport Action Group. He is the author and founder of CARTBUS - The Campaign for Accessible and Reliable Transport (Buses) - Wheelers and walkers united for the transport service that London deserves.

Thursday 27th October 2011
Councillor Shoaib Patel
Cabinet member for Community Safety
Policing in Redbridge

It has been suggested that the Police could lose up to 16,000 front line officers due to the cutbacks. In Redbridge this would equate to ~ 90 Constables. We already know that Redbridge will be losing some Sergeants from the Safer Neighbourhood Teams and that the 12 strong Parks Police are to be replaced by 6 Met constables, after any reductions take place, as well as the proposed closure of Woodford Police Station. Cllr Shoaib Patel, cabinet Member for Environment & Community Safety will be speaking about how the Council, the Police and other agencies intend to cope in these challenging times and how they hope to focus their activities and be more efficient and effective.

Thursday 17th November 2011
Janet Seward
Secretary of Ilford Historical Society
Novel Ilford

Janet Seward is the secretary of the Ilford Historical Society and will be talking about local connections with famous writers, for example P. D. James and Charles Dickens.

These events are all held in the Hainault Room, Fullwell Cross Library from 10:00am – 12:00noon, they are free and open to anyone and everyone. We do tea and biscuits too and it’s all Fairtrade


  1. Looks as if Weggis might have missed the bus here - two buses, in fact ...!

    Did you have any particular route or borough in mind, as none of the services operating in Redbridge are up for review?

    And, as for the Bus Day of Action, "The event is now full ..."!

  2. Knowsie,
    I was not aware that readers are required to restrict their LT experience to within the borders of the People's Republic of Redbridge.

    And the event was not full when I posted.

  3. Weggis,

    your post was specifically "Two links for the Sep meeting ..." which, as I understand from the meeting description, has a very local flavour ...

    Based on the discussion at the recent TfA meeting at the Central Library, I would suggest reorganising the meeting as a Coffee Fortnight if the intention is to expand the terms of reference to the entire TfL area ...

    As for the Action Day, having been away for a few days, I took great care to check the TfA website before posting my comment.

    The page is very clearly marked: "Updated: 31 August 2011" ...

    Your post is dated 2nd September ...

    Might I respectfully suggest that you address any further complaint to TfA ...?

  4. So what is your point Knowsie?

    That I should *not* highlight a consultation that potential attendees or others might just be interested in?

    And sometimes people update web pages without changing the date, dont'cha know.