Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Scrapbook Challenge

Run by Miss Jill Beeton, the "Scrapbook Challenge" is a fun children's competition which encourages children to produce a record of what they do during their summer holiday, using arts and crafts linked to environmental themes: by sticking things which would otherwise have been thrown away into a scrapbook.

Children love the idea of making a book of memories, and find all sorts of ways to show what they have been doing during the school break.

The main environmental themes are anti-littering, encouraging recycling and alternative-use themes. Youngsters often show other green aspects in their scrapbook, for instance by including pieces about their days out on bicycles.

As in previous years, the winners will be decided on the basis of which is most like a traditional scrapbook, with a good mix of all sorts of things inside, and the artistic layout, and environmental aspects, taking into account the entrants' ages.

Some children produce a joint scrapbook with other members of their family, which is a great way for families to fill those rainy days.

Entrants must give their age, but can give their name or be anonymous to the judges: some children are keen on the publicity, and get the chance to have their scrapbook put on public display - if they wish if they are the winner!

Although the competition encourages children to use things which would otherwise have been thrown away, they can choose whatever they wish to put in as it is their record of their holiday, and all scrapbooks will be returned via the collection point which this year is:

Ilford Sports Club
The Pavilion, Cricklefield Stadium
486 High Road, IIford, Essex, IG1 1UE.
Entries collected from 25th August 2011.
020 8514 8351 or 07908 070 174

The sports club is opposite the Cauliflower pub, at the end of the drive which runs next to the old swimming pool building on Ilford High Road.

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