Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Policing by Numbers

Yesterday, Monday, the Telegraph published a piece headed “16,000 frontline police officers could be axed in government cuts – with neighbourhood teams worst affected”. This, as I’m sure you are aware was roughly the number of police officers on the streets of London last week.

We already know that there are changes to Safer Neighbourhood Teams in the pipeline and that the 12 strong Redbridge Parks Police are to be replaced by 6 Metropolitan Police Officers next month.

Bridge Ward Conservative councillor Paul Canal is quoted: “One reason we have had success in Ilford North is police have got to know people and have earned the respect of residents. That will all be lost by these changes.” Strange though, how this applies to the SNTs but not the Parks Police!

In the run up to the open election of the 2008 Conservative Mayoral candidate I got to ask a question of the 5 contenders at a meeting in our Town hall: “What would you not change, ie what have been Ken’s successes?” I got one sensible answer, from Andrew Boff, and it was Community Policing, the Safer Neighbourhood Teams we have come to know and love.

Meanwhile the local opposition have issued a Press Release:

The Labour Group on Redbridge Council is extremely concerned about the planned cuts to the Police Service budget by twenty percent over the next 4 years

We believe the Government is taking a big risk with law and order particularly in light of recent riots across the country and urge the Government to reconsider these proposals as a matter of urgency

The Association of Police Constables as well as the Police Federation has made it explicitly clear that cuts of such magnitude will be unsustainable and will lead to more crime. Moreover, the Police will not be able to provide the same level of service as the cuts will inevitably lead to losing Officers, vehicles, support staff and stations

Police Officers as practitioners are the experts and it is about time Politicians started listening to people that know best. Although it has taken Nation wide riots to convince the Mayor of London that these plans are ill conceived, I hope the Home Secretary will now come to her senses and scrap the proposals

The issue of the safety of our residents should be above Politics and I therefore on behalf of the Redbridge Labour group urge all our local Members of Parliament and Councillors regardless of political affiliation to fight for the retention of Police officers and a reduction in the Police budget cuts

Councillor Aziz Choudhury
Shadow Cabinet Member for Environment & Community Safety
London Borough of Redbridge

Note: The Redbridge Cabinet Member for Environment & Community Safety, Cllr Shoaib Patel, will be speaking on this subject at our October Coffee Morning. I am also trying to get a senior local Police Officer to attend.


  1. NeighbourhoodWatcher4:19 pm, October 31, 2011

    Spotted in the "Recorder" online

  2. Yes, did you not spot the Red-i tweet in my widget over there >>>>>>
    Also you missed at the coffee morning last week a question asked of Cllr Patel "can you tell us the name of the PC who will be on duty in Redbridge during the Olympics?"

  3. "Will the last BOGOF to leave the park please lock the gates......".

  4. Sorry Morris, havent they got to be in the parks first, before they can leave and lock?

  5. I please guilty to giving them the benefit of the doubt.