Friday, August 05, 2011

Fairtrade: Mosques and McDonalds

From the London Fairtrade e-Newsletter

Fairtrade Ramadan

Ramadan has just started and this year, for the first time, London's Muslim community are being actively encouraged to make Fairtrade products an integral part of beginning and breaking their fast.

Those who are marking Ramadan are asked to take a simple pledge.

The campaign was launched by Radical Middle Way, with the support of MADE in Europe and Islamic Relief, at an event at the London Muslim Centre last week. A brand new Islam and Fairtrade action guide is also available to download online (pdf).

The Big Mac Challenge

Catering contractors are now working on implementing the commitment that all tea, coffee, sugar and bananas served at the Olympic Games should be Fairtrade. Now our attention turns to Olympic sponsors McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, who together will serve 20% of all food and drink at Olympic venues. Currently, they are not bound by the same pioneering sustainable food standards as all the other catering suppliers. McDonald’s has proposed building a mega-restaurant on the Olympic site. It’s not the size of the restaurant that matters, but what McDonald’s does with it that will count. They could end up being the odd ones out by not serving Fairtrade cuppas to athletes and spectators. McDonalds has the perfect opportunity to beef up their support for Fairtrade. Will they take it? We’ll keep you updated on whether McDonald’s rises to the Fairtrade-sourcing challenge.

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