Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Cuts begin to Bite

In today’s on-line Wanstead and Woodford Guardian there is a report on the overflowing litter bins on Christ Church Green down in Wanstead. Below is a photo I took a week or so ago at the 169 Bus Terminus at The Glade.

One wonders if a “saving” in one area will produce an increased expense in another, in this case vermin control.

I have also been “missed” twice recently on the weekly green garden waste collection. I don’t mind that, it just stays there till the following week slowly composting in the bag.

And on the subject of litter bins I asked some time back why Redbridge does not have “recycling” litter bins. I was told that the contents of the litter bins are sifted by the MIRF thingy down at Jenkins Lane. So, I was quite surprised to see these outside Ilford Railway Station.


  1. These bins are pretty cool and seem to be designed with efficiency in mind (ie not making it easy to abuse the facility), so this change of mind by LBR is to be applauded.
    Which brings me to another 'change of mind' or perhaps I was dreaming when we were told of the Art Work to be installed by the pond in Claybury Park. I thought we were going to be provided with a mind-broadening picture of what we could see in front of us. However, what has been provided is a most interesting and detailed map of the Claybury Park with lots of valuable information.
    Is that a replacement of the commissioned art project, or is the art project still in the pipe-line?

  2. The Barkingside end of Fullwell Avenue is lined with green bags, some of them overflowing. A few days of good weather seems to have got everyone into their gardens hacking back their shrubs. Then the green bag collectors don't turn up! If the council is going to turn this essential service into a fortnightly event, they could at least tell us. Maybe if we all phone the council to complain....

  3. I get the distinct impression that the garden waste collection has been downgraded to fortnightly, it's just that Redbridge Council haven't bothered to tell anybody. Having been 'missed' last week, it obviously isn't just us because I have been walking past full green bags everywhere round here for a week.

    Today we got a collection but Mrs Knowsie is livid as the bag has obviously been well patronised by every dog in the neighbourhood for the past eight days and stinks to high heaven. Not nice when you have to carry the bag through the house to the back garden ...

  4. Mossford Lane was collected yesterday (Thursday), I phoned the Town Hall about the delay in my road's collection this morning, and the road was cleared at lunchtime. It is presumably a matter of more bags being put out at this time of year, combined perhaps with operatives being on holiday in August.

  5. I emailed a complaint too, this morning, and the green bags at my end of Fullwell Avenue were emptied within a few hours.

    It pays to complain!

  6. @Coxsoft Art
    Judith and B21 do not "complain". We draw deficiencies to the appropriate people's attention.