Sunday, August 21, 2011

Barnardo’s: Past and Future

image by Diamond Geezer
When considering that on our doorstep we have a well-respected national charity – Barnardo’s, it is surprising how little most local residents know about its history and plans for the future.

We know that Barnardo's has a rich history and that there are also major proposals for the future, eg a housing development of approx. 150 homes on the former school site by Civic Way and a new Head Office building to replace the existing “eyesore”, plus better access for the public to the historically important Village.

So, when a letter appeared in the local press from Barnardo’s Director of Corporate Resources, Peter Brook, saying “Barnardo’s take residents concerns very seriously and look to working with them to resolve any issues”, we thought that the local community group, that’s us, should explore these issues at a joint public meeting (see below).

We are fortunate to have among our members a former Barnardo’s House Parent, Derek Wills, who still lives locally and who will be giving a talk on the site’s history, and we would welcome others who have been associated with Barnardo’s to share their memories and experiences. After this we will look to the future with David Woodward, Director of the Barkingside Regeneration Project.

We have always considered one of our main objectives to be keeping the local community informed and up up-to-date with developments and hope that you will support us by coming along to this or any other of our meetings.

Friday 9th September 2011, @ 7pm – 9:30pm

Barnados Church Hall, Tanners Lane

Past: Derek Wills and discussion


Future: David Woodward and discussion


  1. I visited Barnardo's Village many years ago - before the Magistrates Court and Tesco were built - with a girlfriend who was visiting her son for his birthday. The village was cosy and the party excellent. But the local authority took over looking after children needing care. All Barnardo seems to do since then is act as a property developer, selling prime plots of land. I'm not sure it still deserves charitable status.

  2. Travelling to school on the upper deck of a 691 trolleybus along Horns Road one could see into the backs of the cottages that were later demolished following the closure of the home to make room for the housing estate.

    1. visited the village the last time about 4 years ago. I was in utter shock to see what had become of this beautiful place. they built exstentions onto the cottages and sold off all the other greens (as we called them) with only one remaining green left. then I take a stroll around and video what I see. how can this have happened? I also heard that someone wanted to move Dr B's statue onto the last green. what were they thinking. below the statue ies Dr B his Wife and his Children. glad to see the clock tower was still there and the church I say in many years. just seems to me that whoever thought up all this did so without a care or thought about what it stood for. yet again money rules.. its an utter disgrace. I just hope they do not get the right to sell off the rest of what remains. this was our life and our home.