Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making a Little go a Long Way


Following on from Channel 4’s Super Scrimpers Auntie Beeb has commissioned an independent television production company (Crackit Productions) to make a new series where ‘frugal families’ advise other families who live beyond their means on how best to manage their finances.

Ideally, they are looking for families from all over the country with at least two generations who can visually demonstrate tips on how to budget and save. These families will not earn huge amounts of money, but they will have mastered methods on how to be resourceful with their finances.

Are you great at finding bargains?
Can you work out a budget and stick to it?
We're looking for frugal families to take part in a new BBC series, where families who can make the most of what cash they’ve got, give help and advice to families who live way beyond their means.

If you are good at making every penny count then don’t delay, get in touch with us. Call Zyreeta on 020 7156 7322 or email info@crackitproductions for more info.

Compulsory viewing for MEPs, MPs, Mayors, AMs and Councillors, what?


  1. I used to work for a major Bank and paying £3,500 for a £250 computer was not at all uncommon due to the ludicrous Procurement rules.

    If any sane person wished to buy a new car, one would list the various attributes that were required for the vehicle to fulfil its intended purpose, possibly using some fancy mathematical model on a website somewhere, and then you would look through various brochures, or visit dealers, looking for the car that came closest to the characteristics that you were looking for. Most commercial vehicles are bought like that.

    If you felt that you needed a minimum engine size of (say) 1750 c.c., you would not ask the vehicle manufacturer to remove a 1800 c.c. engine and replace it with a 1750 BUT that is exactly what happens with IT Procurement! Some of the "frigs" were of marginal value in terms of performance but, quite rightly from their viewpoint as this was costing them money, the IT suppliers charged for every modification no matter how spurious.

    We would often go out and buy stuff ourselves from computer shops and cadge software from our IT people to load up on our "own" machines so that we could network them within the company. This of course invalidated warranties and IT Suppliers charging £3,500 for a laptop would doubtless argue that the Customer gets fail-safe service cover for that money (which of course they darn well should!)