Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Investigation into King George & Queen's Hospitals

From Redbridge LINk

The Care Quality Commission is currently investigating care at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs King George and Queen’s Hospitals.

Have you used any of the following services at either of these hospitals?
- Maternity services
- Accident and Emergency services
- Care in the surgery department

If so, the CQC would like to meet with you in Ilford or Romford to hear your experiences during the week commencing 25th July 2011.

To book an appointment, call 03000 616161. Alternatively you can share your experiences by email or letter, quoting reference number 1-275538421.
Email: bhrut.investigation@cqc.org.uk


  1. Let’s examine Queen’s in Romford, particularly the design, i.e. the lack of windows; even the staff call it a prison. Witness the heavy churn of staff, they cannot stand being boxed in (how must it be for the patients?). Was it our own Lee Scott M.P. who, at its opening, said “it was a hospital designed by someone who had never been into a hospital”? (I may be wrong).

    I stand by my original assessment of Queens since it first opened:

    1. The equipment is fantastic;

    2. The staff try their best under difficult circumstances (and they Need More Nurses);

    3. Administratively, the place is a mess: one department does not talk to another department, papers and information get lost, computer systems are inadequate [have been from the start] or don’t work.

    ...and exactly how much Is this hospital costing us, year-on-year, under the PFI it was originally built under?

  2. Ray,
    If you have first hand experience of their services then please do tell CQC as advised.

  3. Whilst there are sessions taking place at other venues, the take-up at Newbury Park has been extremely thin, according to the officer who interviewed me. Both the appointments before and after mine failed to show up, and no apologies were sent. This was fine for me, as my interview then stretched to an hour and I was able to include a lot more evidence (including an explanation of some of the contributory factors to the current poor standards in many areas).

    Before making any judgements about people who moan a lot but don't actually do anything about it, I will wait to see how many witnesses actually turned up in total for this inquiry, which may be noted in the final report.

  4. The problem is that the vast majority of us have had no dealings with Queens or KGH recently and those that have are probably in recovery or have a newborn to look after, so getting witness statements is going to be a problem, unless someone has a Mentor.

  5. My husband has had wonderful treatment this year both at the A &E and follow up treatment for several health complaints at King Georges. We cannot speak highly enough of the hospital.

  6. So tell 'em! Knowing what works is just as important as knowing what doesn't.