Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In with the New - Out with the Old?

Blimey, according to WWF we are discovering 15,000 new species every year. The question is, are they really “new” or have they been around for a while and we just haven’t noticed? We know that life adapts to the environment and as it changes it can wipe out entire species but also create new niches for other species to evolve into. Unless of course the species can adapt to the new environment - like the urban Fox.

On Climate Change pretty much everyone agrees that it is happening. The debate, if you can call it that, is about whether or not it is Anthropogenic [caused by us] and the sensitivity of the earth’s climate to CO2. But this pretty much ignores the elephant in the room. We are trashing the very environment that sustains us and has allowed [some of] us to prosper in such numbers. This cannot continue indefinitely. All things that grow – die! Period.

If we, the human species, want to survive we have to come to terms with this basic truth. Our so called leaders are quick to promote living within our means on the fiscal budget, but seem oblivious to the more important budget of the environment. A classic example of how a good education cannot compensate for a lack of basic intelligence. We are being lead by donkeys fixated on business as usual, and who have gradually undermined all creativity and initiative in both the workplace and education preferring instead robotic box tickers. We need to break free from this stranglehold and start adapting.

Here’s the Barreleye.

Meanwhile British waters are emptied of fish in just 6 months. And the key determinant of population is….. Food!


  1. Yesterday I watched Chris Packham's new TV series: The Truth about Wildlife - marine conservation. It's a must for conservationists. See a short clip on our sea horses.


    As yet no iPlayer that I could find.

  2. Nice. I did a post on Sea Horses in the River Thames back in 2008. I wonder how they are getting on?