Monday, June 20, 2011

Redbridge Top 10

Over on the Londonist they have come up with the Top 10 Things To Do In The Borough Of Redbridge each with a write up.

Here’s the six I can’t argue with.

2. Best place to learn to sail: Fairlop Waters, Forest Road, Hainault.
3. Best place to borrow a book: Fullwell Cross Library, High Street, Barkingside.
5. Best stately home and park: Valentines Mansion & Gardens, Ilford
6. Best place to cycle: Redbridge Cycling Centre, Forest Road, Hainault
7. Best place to get dramatic: Vital Stages at Redbridge Drama Centre, Churchfields, South Woodford
8. Best hidden history: Ilford Hospital Chapel, Ilford Hill and Barnardo’s Village, Barkingside

And here’s the four I am quibbling about.

1. Best Curry: Well, I don’t know much about Curry but I would think that the best place to eat Curry or any other cuisine would be Barkingside High Street……

4. Best Green Space: Well, Wanstead Flats is very nice but it is well, how can I put this, flat. This honour surely has to go Claybury Woods and Park.

9. Best nightspot for celeb spotting: No comment. I think this needs a brand new category! How about spotting this sort of stuff? I've learnt how to do slide shows, cool eh? See note at end.

10. Best pub: There are so many to choose from but for me it has to be the New Fairlop Oak.

Note: Redbridge Council are very good at dealing with fly-tipping but it has been on the increase. Typically 3,500 incidents per year has risen to 5,000 incidents for 2010/11. To put that in context Newham deals with 46,000 incidents per year.


  1. 1. Best Curry, judging by the number of people from the sub continent who can regularly be seen eating in there (always a good sign)and because my wife says so, Mirch Masala in Goodmayes.

    4. I'd vote for Wanstead Park

    9. Celeb spotting well it would have been Faeces (deliberate typo) in Gants Hill but Celeb? Only Z listers!!

    10. re NFO it's a Wetherspoons they're all much of a muchness!! Eva Hart in Goodmayes another Wetherspoons is about the same imho!

  2. Yes, Wanstead Park is good too. Particularly the lakes and the Grotto.

  3. I heard that one of the hottest Curries was an MP in Derbyshire......

  4. Was that the one who caused a major row?

  5. That's right. She was also known to some as Salmon Ella.

  6. Whats wrong with Hainault Forest Country Park - has to beat all the others

  7. Are you really suggesting that nobody has got a parking ticket at any of the other sites, somehow I doubt it, as the whole reason d'etre for introducing parking fees, is not that income but that of the fines.

  8. Two far better pubs than the "NFO" within the Borough Boundaries are "The Nightingale" in Wanstead and "The Cricketers" in Woodford (this consistently wins local CAMRA awards). I have also always liked a pub that I believe is just inside the Borough Boundaries - the "Crown & Crooked Billet" at Woodford Bridge. Also believed to be just inside the Boundary is the "Jaipur", 734 Chigwell High Road - the best Curry House I have found.

    If you regard Spurs and West Ham "players" as "celebs" then I guess the "Night Spot" has to be "Faeces" at Gants Hill.

  9. One of the best night spots is the back garden on a fine summer night after the trains have stopped running, the birds are still singing, and with a suitably-sized glass of beer.

  10. On the curry, spice on the high street is hard to beat. A lovely bunch of lads who go out of their way to make sure everyone is happy. The owner has been serving the locals since his teens albeit for another restaurant, but since opening spice the custom has followed him as they know what they are getting when they go there. Friendly faces, great service and even better grub.

  11. I concur with your points on best green space and best pub. Claybury Woods rocks my socks. I can't comment on best curry. We tend to wind up at the pub for curry if ever we go out for one. I don't think Wetherspoons do too bad of a curry, actually, although I'll admit they're probably not the best!