Thursday, June 09, 2011

Redbridge 10k

Almost a year ago to the day I posted on the Redbridge Skyride, prompting a flurry of indignant feathers from residents and local councillors alike who had not been consulted or even informed. So, it is with great pleasure that I post on this – Redbridge 10k

It is a 10 Kilometer run starting and finishing at Fairlop Waters and in between "on the roads of Barkingside" on Sunday 24th July. So, presumably this will mean road closures but we don’t as yet know which ones and for how long. We can, I think, assume that it will not be Forest Road. This is because this event coincides with and is part of a much bigger event at Fairlop Waters on that day and visiting VIPs, Olympic Officials, Hangers-on etc will be wanting to get their 4x4s into their reserved spaces in the car park and to partake of some Olympic sponsored Fast Food. I expect the "Barkingside roads" to be down the Hatch way.

Ho hum! Anyone know? Councillors?


There will be no road closures for the Redbridge 10k or Inspiration 2011. The Redbridge 10k route will essentially be two laps of Fairlop Waters and will not go onto local roads at any time. The run will take place during Inspiration 2011, the Borough’s event to mark the London 2012 Open Weekend. The organisers of the Redbridge 10k have corrected the route information on their website. We are currently looking at the impact Inspiration 2011 will have on local traffic on Sunday 24 July and would encourage residents to use public transport where possible. More information on Inspiration 2011 will be available once details for the event are confirmed.

Julie Creffield, Olympic Development Manager


  1. As someone who has, many moons ago, organised (and completed) 10K runs, "road closures" would not normally be considered necessary. "Safety cars" would tour the circuit to ensure that runners keep as far in to the left as possible. Otherwise, the route would be open to normal traffic.

    Sometimes, on busy routes, lanes are cordoned off and this would appear to be the case here.

    My best time for a 10K was 33 min. 10 sec. and I ended up flat on my back in the First Aid Tent!!

  2. Redbridge 10k Run will not affect any roads as it will be held inside fairlop waters.

  3. That's not what it says on the website! Did you look?

    "Start & Finish : Fairlop Waters, IG6 3HN and on roads of Barkingside"

  4. I have just clicked on the link.
    Road-running is really expensive: £20 minimum per head (£10 per foot)! This could possibly include a sticker for your car to be able to use the car park?
    It is quite late in the afternoon so, would that affect the trade in Barkingside High Street?
    They say that the roads will be traffic free, hence buses will have to be re-routed at least for a short while and there will have to be officials dotted here and there at junctions to direct the confused.
    If all the runners are nearly as speedy as Jawal1, the road disruption should be over in less than an hour. However, the same preparations will be needed as if it was a day-long event.
    What is really puzzling me is why do people need such a fanfare to go for a little Sunday afternoon run!

  5. I haven't any knowledge of that event.
    I assume that it is part of the "Inspiration Festival" taking place at Fairlop Waters on that day.
    The festival is part of Redbridge's festivities leading up to the Olympics
    Thank you Barkingside 21 for informing me of the event

    Joyce Ryan
    Fairlop Ward Councillor

  6. Joyce. It's all part of council officers' mushroom culture.

  7. See Update from Julie Creffield, Olympic Development Manager, in body of main post.

  8. Quote "... The Redbridge 10k route will essentially be two laps of Fairlop Waters ... We ... would encourage residents to use public transport ... "

    And which bus serves Fairlop Waters ...?

    And, when you find out, could somebody let Transport for London know ...?


  10. There's no need to SHOUT ...

  11. As someone who applied for Olympic tickets - not for me but for my grandchildren - and received none, may I ask why on earth Redbridge needs an Olympic Development Manager? Whilst I have no doubt that Julie is a hardworking lady, can someone please explain what needs developing in Redbridge regarding the Olympics and why whatever it is needs to be managed? Who is paying the salary? If it is coming from my Council Tax that is a disgrace. And what is this Fairlop Inspiration event all about? Who is paying for the food, the drink and the mayoral cars that day - and who is being invited?

  12. As my Old Mum used to say: "I'll go to the foot of our stairs!"
    I have now discovered what Fairlop Inspiration is all about by clicking on the link in your main story - at "a much bigger event" - which took me to the Redbridge Council website!
    Many, many thanks to Barkingside 21 for solving this one for me.
    But why Oh why does Redbridge Council keep all these things to itself? I would not have found out about this event without Barkingside 21.
    Ron Jeffries

  13. As far as I can see, if we log on the redbridge i forum, it's mostly dormant, hence quite boring.
    Even the redimanager seems economical with her communications from above.
    When you click on my 'neighbourhood', only very local events are advertised. For me it's mostly a walk in the park or kickboxing at Caterham School.
    The Redbridge Life is not delivered to some areas so some of us live in the wilderness.
    So, yes, thank you to Barkingside 21, very clever in gathering information for us.

  14. Following the fiasco of not knowing about this event, I have written to one or two friendly Councillors offering to undertake the role of Communications Director for the Council. I see this as a part-time job, mornings only, for now that I am 78 and galloping towards 79 I like to have a nap after lunch each day. I would be happy with 50% of the Chief Executive's Salary. I am awaiting a reply!

  15. Just an update for your blog

    I am doing the Redbridge 10k Run, if it wasn't for you site, I wouldn't of found it!, Anyway they have finally emailed everyone a link to the run map etc,

    see link below to pdf, regards

  16. Parking Meters at Fairlop Waters (fishing lake side)

    Does anyone mind that parking meters are going to be installed at Fairlop Waters? The fact that it is the side where people go to walk their dogs rather than sit in the pub and restaurant really upsets me personally. Surely it should be left alone. Anyone else?

  17. My daughter who has two young children and lives on Hainault road has to drive her car to leave her road. She took her 2 dogs out with both children and was horrified to find that she could not park at Fairlop Waters without paying £2.50 for the privilege. This is theft. Hardly anyone ever parks there, so why on earth have Redbridge done this? It is outrageous! Where is she supposed to take her dogs now?

  18. Redbridge Council - the natural successors to Dick Turpin, the well-known highway robber.