Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Knowsy Parkers

Parking in Redbridge seems to be a Hot Topic lately so when I picked up this leaflet I thought you locals [or visitors] could do with some advice on the somewhat confusing arrangements in this borough…….

Click on graphic to enlarge or download PDF here.


  1. Knowsy?

    Perhaps it should be knowsey?

    But the title of the .jpg is Knowsie+Parkers.JPG ...

    It makes me feel as if I've been accused of parking on the wrong page ...

    What is the complaints procedure ...?

  2. Compliant surgereis are held regluarly in the Fiarlop Aok.

  3. P***** again, or just dyslexic keyboard B21?

  4. You have to be carful where you park in Wanstead these days.....

  5. Anonymous said: "You have to be carful where you park in Wanstead these days....." ...

    That's terrible! All those people crushed in that full car!

    Hold on! Didn't the Guardian say it was empty ...?

  6. That was indeed a rather carless spelling mistake by Anon!