Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fairlop Fair

Friday 1 July, 3pm-8pm
Fairlop Waters Country Park, Main Entrance,
Forest Road, Barkingside IG6 3HN

Join in all the fun of an old time fair. In the 1700s this was London’s biggest event with over 200,000 people attending the ‘beanfeast’. Help re-establish the fair, bring a picnic and see all the improvements that have been made to your park. If you are coming home from work on the Central Line why not get off at Fairlop Station and pop in for a couple of hours?

  • Jazz from Jeff L, Ten String Fever and indie/pop music from Ryan Green
  • Children’s arts activities
  • Country music meets Bollywood with Ivy York
  • Morris Dancers – bring your dancing feet and join in the fun!
  • Popular & Folk music from Redbridge Music Lounge
  • Barbeque
  • Storytelling
  • Players & Upstreet Irregulars – bring an instrument and/or your singing voice and join in a live music karaoke!
  • Old time games


  1. There's no entrance fee but I would expect to pay for the BBQ....

  2. Maybe Ray thought he would get meals on wheels.

  3. We hope to be there, but somewhere I read that there is to be a pensionners' chair dance. Count me out on that one, thank you very much. I am not into dancing on or about chairs, indeed, I am not into dancing at all. As for the Old Time Games, I fear I am past all that sort of thing, too. Never mind. Let's hope for fine weather. I will wear my dark glasses and carry a camera - so you will not recognise me.

  4. if past history is anything to go by it should be riotous
    "1765 the local constabulary reported that "a great number of people meet in a riotous and tumultuous manner selling ale and spirituous liquors and keeping tippling booths and gaming tables to the great encouragement of vice and immorality. In 1793 the Fair was banned, but carried on again the following year."

    the first test of Met's plan to police open spaces instead of Parks Police?

  5. Mmmmm. Thanks . Although ITV3 are currently repeating the complete Batman series from the 60s at this time/s (and we're nearing the end of the run now). Let me see if I can arrange my schedules.