Sunday, June 19, 2011

English Defence League visit Redbridge

Yesterday, Saturday 18th June, the English Defence League marched from Redbridge to Dagenham. Flesh is Grass has done an excellent round up of events, including the 10 Police Vans that were waiting in Dagenham and the one PCSO on a bike representing Redbridge Police. Apparently two Asian youths were attacked with one getting a broken jaw, but we don’t know what triggered that event. We do know, however, that even Deputy Prime Ministers can be provoked into a “right hook” at times. So, we won’t pass judgement yet.

In Unity Progess - Is the motto on the Redbridge Coat of Arms - note the headgear on the left. It doesn’t usually work that way in the Council chamber but on some issues we are united. The campaign on King George Hospital and community relations are two glaring examples.
We are a pretty diverse bunch here in Redbridge, and unless someone can provide evidence to the contrary we all get along fine for the most part.

Sure a Mosque on Eastern Avenue was attacked recently but as far as I am aware it was not racially motivated. And we did have a BNP councillor for one term but the backlash feared by REFT and UAF did not materialise.

Here’s a photo of the march from Nick Lowles' blog.

Now, I’m not one for stereotypes but they do look like the sort who drink vast amounts of foreign lager and then go for an Indian Curry……..


  1. correct me if I'm wrong (and I don't profess to be right in everything) but rumour has it they descended on Chadwell Heath station for their 'march'. While I agree, one PCSO is a bit shabby, but they had only to cross he road from Chadwell Heath staion and they are immediately in to Barking and Dagenham, hence maybe the 'not very good' response of Redbridge Police to these odious thugs

  2. Quite probably. Not everyone will know where the boundaries are....

  3. Hooliganism, like crime, has no respect for boundaries.

  4. Very true Morris but Borough commanders do!

  5. They should have been treated the same by Barking and Dagenham police.
    If you give these idiots any credance that makes them feel important, you will get trouble, if you ignore them like the Ilford police did, they will lose heart and their organisation will wither and die.
    Shame on them all!