Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Up for the Cup

A belated report on the East London & Essex U17/18s Cup Final between Ilford Colts and FC Catalan played at the FC Hornchurch ground on 15th May. Going into the match FC Catalan had won every game they had played all season and had beaten Ilford Colts a few weeks earlier by 5 goals to Nil. In fact they had beaten the Colts in every previous game.

But the Colts coach, Ashley Gunstock (a Chelsea supporter and protégé of Jose Mourinho), was prepared this time. He had a full squad to choose from having some of his bigger lads back from clubbing injury and knew that if he could motivate his boys and employ the right tactics, they would be “up for it”.

Sure enough, they soaked up the early pressure frustrating their opponent’s attempts to break them down and reached half time at 0-0. A rousing team talk in the dressing room produced two second half goals and the Colts were leading 2-0 with the clock ticking down. A late goal for FC Catalan making it 2-1 produced some nervous moments, none more than a disputed penalty in the final minute for FC Catalan which was blasted over the bar.

Ilford Colts with the cup

Ashley and family with the cup
The Catalan coach conceded “They were good for the win”.

Ron Manager Ashley said “17 year old boys can be very unpredictable”.

Roy Pundit said “The Catalans played some eye-pleasing one-touch triangles, but were undone by their insistence on always trying to walk the ball into the net. It’s good to see that traditional English footballing values, like putting a shift in, letting the keeper know you’re around at set-pieces, having a pop from outside the area, tucking in on the flanks, and lumping the ball up to the Big Fella to see what happens, can triumph against supposedly more sophisticated opposition.”

We now look forward to another Cup Final this coming Saturday again featuring a Catalan side playing another side who cannot be named due to a B21 super injunction.

Note1: this post is dedicated to @TheMotormen

Note2: Ashley is not available for the vacant managerial position at West Ham.

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  1. Prescient comments from Mr. Manager and Mr. Pundit in view of what the "Catalans" did to Man U at Wembley!!

    Great goal from our Wayne - Barca scored three better ones though.