Thursday, May 05, 2011

Summer Time Blues

Those of you expecting the biennial Redbridge Green Fair this summer will be disappointed. It’s been cancelled but the organisers are hoping to do one in 2012. This year, instead, they are running the first "Big Green Lunch" on Sunday 5th June in Valentines Park, but they will not be having stalls other than a few food related ones.

The annual Valentines Mansion May Fair has had its licence application withdrawn so we assume that’s off too. However, Fun in the Park appears to be going ahead on Saturday June 11th from 11am to 5pm. This is in Barkingside Recreation ground and is organised by the local churches.

For those of you who like patting friendly dogs, Guide Dogs for the Blind up in Woodford Bridge have their annual fair on Saturday 4th June from 11am until 4pm.

As usual the Ranger Team have a full programme of events for all ages including Bat Walks, Park Walks and children’s fun events. For full details please contact the Nature Conservation Ranger Team on 020 8559 2316, visit the James Leal Centre in Ray Park or since you are logged on to interwebby click here.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that we were also promised the ressurection of Fairlop Fair on the first Friday of July in 2011, which just happens to be on the 1st. But that was before the cuts. Mind you it doesn't stop you turning up at Fairlop Waters on the day and having a ball, a picknick or even a beer at the New Fairlop Oak just down the road.

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