Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Parking Police

We are informed that some councillors consider the 26 [yes 26, some councillors are not good at arithmetic] Parks Police Officers do not provide “value for money”.

But apparently Parking Police do.

Here’s Morris Hickey on the subject.

As part of Redbridge council’s approved budget for 2011/12 motorists resident in, and visiting, the borough are about to have a substantial stealth tax imposed upon them.

Parking restrictions that have traditionally, and for very many years, applied during the hours of 8.30 am to 6.30 pm Monday to Saturday will in future apply from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm throughout the seven days of the week. In addition to increased charges, many areas not yet subject to parking charges will have them introduced – again throughout the seven days of the week. The usual test of rationing space because demand exceeds supply will be ignored, and charges made even where no problem currently exists.

The consequences of this policy are horrifying. With the exception of blue badge holders, and those with season tickets for car parks, nobody will be able to shop in Redbridge without either paying a charge, or parking their cars in an adjacent residential street to the inconvenience of the residents. Where yellow lines operate in residential roads throughout the week, residents without off-street parking will not be able to have their own cars outside their homes before 7.00 pm EVERY DAY, and will not be able to have visitors with cars even on Sundays.

In the case of parking in commercial areas, the current free parking outside Ilford Town Centre on Sundays will no longer apply, and charges will be made. In a report to the council’s cabinet in January 2011 there was an officer statement to the effect that this will relieve the current congestion on Sundays in Barkingside High Street!! Clearly a comment from somebody who has never been within 10 miles of Barkingside on a Sunday, and who is oblivious to the disastrous effects such a policy will have on business in difficult times.

So, at one fell swoop Redbridge council is imposing a financial burden on its residents and would-be visitors, and a potential death threat on struggling businesses.

WELCOME TO RIPOFF REDBRIDGE 2011. Roll on 1 May 2014.

Yours faithfully


Meanwhile we are informed that the notices in Barkingside High Street display the ‘new’ rates but the machines are issuing tickets at the ‘old’ rates…….


  1. On the subject of parking, I had occasion to telephone the Parking (Mis-)Management Team this morning to enquire about parking restrictions in a road in Redbridge and was told that I should do what the person handling my query was doing as I spoke to them, and that was "look it up on Google maps". This just isn't good enough, especially as Google maps have the name of my road marked incorrectly. I don't trust google maps, and I am disappointed that the PMT use them for anything let alone ticketing information.

  2. I often read this blog altho I dont live nearby. I have not commented before, but must say I am being really put off by the persistent sour nature of both Mr Hickey and Mr Frensham's comments. I wonder if they have ever tried being nice about anything - it can get better results.

  3. Dear d r s

    You and I have one thing in common. Each of us is entitled to his own point of view. Of course - I could be like you and comment under the cloak of anonymity.

  4. Morris will rescue me!
    Who dreams policies and who accepts them.
    The post says that an officer said that charges on a Sunday will help reduce the congestion in Barkingside High Street but who is accepting this statement without batting an eye-lid?
    A councillor? A Cabinet member? The Cabinet? Full Council?

  5. Dear Morris, @ 11 May, 2011 20:05
    Are you trying to tell me that you have never, ever, commented on this or any other blog, using anything other than your real name?

  6. hmm, why am I not surprised by this? Someone in the Croydon area recently told me that his local council are trying a similar trick. But to their horror when they consulted residents they received a vehement NO in response. So the increases have been (temporarily) cancelled.

    OK, I always walk to Ilford, so do not pay parking charges, however... with Westfield poised to open in Stratford and Marks & Spencer relocating from Ilford to Stratford, its hard to see how this will end up in any way other than tears.

    And of course this does affect me - because people will end up going elsewhere and even more Ilford Town centre shops will close.

    Maybe LBR serve different masters (ie: not the people who elected them?)