Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meals per Gallon

Or how biofuels put poor people's food into rich people's cars.

The great biofuels land grab has left families destitute, torn from the lands they have farmed for generations, so that we can grow fuel for our cars. These are the real lives driven into hunger and poverty by governments' biofuels targets.

Right now, the UK government is deciding whether to increase the amount of biofuels in your petrol and diesel. We have until 2 June to stop them from trebling our biofuel use. You can write to the Department of Transport here via ActionAid or to your MP but don’t send one of those pro-forma emails. They suck!

The Dakatcha Woodlands in Kenya are set to be destroyed to make way for a 50,000 hectare biofuel plantation. Taking into account the emissions produced throughout the production and consumption process, the study found that jatropha would emit between 2.5 and 6 times more greenhouse gases compared to the fossil fuels it would be replacing, depending on how the land was used before the jatropha was planted.
The Dakatcha Woodlands is one of the last remaining coastal forests in Kenya and is also home to thousands of indigenous tribes people who will be made homeless if the plans go ahead, as well as a range of threatened wildlife.
Tribe Elder, Joshua Kahindi Pekeshe, who lives in the forest says: “My people have lived here for generations. If the jatropha plantation goes ahead, we will become squatters on our own land. We will lose our homes, farms and the only school our children have.
For the full report click here.

You will not be surprised to learn that this is being driven [no pun intended] by the same people who gave us North Sea fish discards…. The European Union.

Meanwhile: One third of all food produced for human consumption goes to waste.

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