Thursday, May 05, 2011

Kerbside Cardboard Collection

Guest post from Cllr Michelle Dunn, Cabinet Member for Highways

I am really pleased to announce, that as from Monday 9th May 2011, Redbridge will be able to collect cardboard as part of the weekly kerbside recycling collection at no additional cost to the Authority.

Since becoming Cabinet Member, one of my key aims was to introduce cardboard recycling and following the successful trial that took place last year, which saw a 22% increase in paper and cardboard recycling rates in the relevant areas, ELWA and Shanks have now agreed to the full rollout of the scheme to the whole of the Borough.

By the end of July, residents on the kerbside recycling scheme will receive a new blue recycling box (funded by Shanks East London) for recycling cardboard and mixed paper and an information leaflet on the new service. Until residents receive their new blue box they should place cardboard in their existing recycling box.

If residents have more cardboard than can be fitted into their blue box they can place it an untied bag alongside their current box until their new one arrives.

Residents who were issued with a light blue box as part of last year’s trial will not receive a new box but will be able to use their existing light blue box.

Residents will be able to place cardboard packaging, cereal boxes, egg boxes, mixed paper and magazines, greeting cards and corrugated card inside the blue box. Light card and cardboard items must be flattened and it will be necessary to cut larger items up to ensure that they fit inside the box. Collections will be made on the same day as normal recycling collections, residents just need to present their new blue box at the same time.

The Council already collects a range of recycling items such as cans, glass, paper, plastic bottles and also green garden waste on a weekly basis from homes across the Borough. Recycling cardboard means less waste has to be buried in landfill sites which, in turn, will mean a reduction in the levy payments to ELWA for waste disposal.

Furthermore, I anticipate that with the introduction of the cardboard scheme our recycling performance will improve by an additional 3%, i.e. the collection of an additional 3000 tonnes of recyclable material.

In the next week or so residents will be receiving a leaflet through their letter boxes informing them of the introduction of the cardboard recycling scheme. Redbridge i has been updated with details of the scheme and there will be an article in the June edition of Redbridge Life.

Obviously the existing cardboard recycling banks located at Fullwell Cross car park and the two Tesco sites at Goodmayes and South Woodford will no longer be required and will be removed shortly.

Best Regards
Cllr Michelle Dunn
Cabinet Member for Highways

Editor's note: Please also remove any heavy duty metal staples, plastic handles and sticky tape. This scheme obviously does not include waxed cardboard, eg Tetrapaks and cardboard contaminated with eg, food or oil.

UPDATE: We are asked to point out that residents living in flats with communal recycling facilities can recycle their cardboard in their existing 'paper' bins. Cardboard needs to be presented inside the bins rather than around them.


  1. Abt time! Very welcomed!

  2. What about flat dwellers. We have no collection of paper or other recyclable items and have to use the Fairlop car park facilities. Now there is no container where do we put our cardboard. No rude answers please.

  3. I believe that the council are rolling out communal recycling facilities to blocks of flats, but it depends on space and agreement with the freeholder.
    Please contact the cabinet member for info on your personal situation.

  4. Great news. We already take large quantities of cardboard to the Chigwell Road recycling site on a regular basis - the collection service will be very welcome.

  5. Cllr Deakins demonstrates how NOT to present your cardboard at the kerbside.

  6. well over all glad to see the council collecting our cardboard as half of our household waste consists of it.