Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Couple of Swells

Chris Cummins
As is customary on this blog at this time of year, we welcome the new Redbridge Mayor and Deputy Mayor. This year we have the pleasure of Chris Cummins, councillor for Snaresbrook ward and as Deputy we have Felicity Banks councillor for Roding ward.

As you will note they are representative of our Coalition Council, Chris is a Conservative and Felicity a Liberal Democrat, but we are still waiting for this new fashionable combination of blue and yellow to produce some deep green.

Felicity Banks
The Mayor’s charities this year are:
Chris seems particulalrly keen on the “Big Society” and the role played in this by voluntary groups and volunteers. We wish him well in promoting that in these difficult times.

Felicity, if I recall correctly, is very keen on sport for young people and has been heavily involved over the years with little public recognition.

We look forward to reading about their exploits throughout the year on the Mayor's blog.

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