Friday, May 20, 2011

Cotton Real

Competition, the Market, Free Trade, Globalisation. The mantra of all UK governments since 1979 with eyes firmly fixed across the Atlantic and holding up the United States of America as a model of enterprise, initiative and entrenpreneurs to which we Brits should aspire.

Meanwhile the USA has spent $21 billion subsidising it's cotton industry in the past 9 years, a position the World Trade Organisation has twice ruled as illegally contravening world trade rules, and means farmers like Moussa [pictured] earn under $2 a day.



  1. True, but - I'd need to check - is the EU is a bigger subsidiser? And in an interesting twist on the politics of Fairtrade, Fairtrade Foundation stats have been seized on by anti-EU activists as a reason to get out. (These people are not particularly moved by the predicament of African farmers, you understand - they just have an, um, acute sense of the foreign...)

  2. Who put the "EU" in Entrepreneur?