Sunday, May 22, 2011

Climate Squad

PUMP IT UP with Climate Squad! Climate Squad is recruiting 16-25 year old volunteers [that let’s me out] for new carbon saving events. Join Climate Squad to help drivers save money, fuel and CO2. Teams of Climate Squad volunteers will be pumping up drivers tyres to the recommended level, helping them make fuel, cash and carbon savings (5-8% for each car with all its tyres pumped up).

This event is particularly special as we are running it in conjunction with Fullwell Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team, who will be distributing and affixing anti numberplate theft screws, as well as providing crime prevention advice and flyers.

Volunteers will receive the United Nations endorsed Environment Action Certificate along with reasonable travel and food expenses. You can also receive a free gig ticket courtesy of Orange Rock Corps [whoever they are] by volunteering with us. Sign up to the latest Pump it Up events by emailing us at to confirm your place. Volunteers can’t just turn up – you have to register first.

Take no notice of the map on the website – this event is taking place in Tescos Car park on Southend Road IG8 and has been organised by PC Adrian Towler.

Sunday 12th June 2011, 12noon til 4pm

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  1. I have bad news. The only man to halt climate change was Genghis Khan. He killed about 40 million people while conquering most of Eurasia, and that helped remove nearly 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere! Imagine what a state we'd be in today if it weren't for Genghis Khan.