Friday, May 13, 2011

And There’s More…..

When Boris got elected 3 years ago one of his pledges was to plant 10,000 new street trees in the Capital and he is well on target to deliver this pledge. However, due to the cutbacks in Local Authority budgets they are finding that they don’t have the funds for maintenance of these new trees, so are resorting to the one-off cost of chopping them down - #BrokenBritain.

A reader reminds me that the signalisation of Charlie Brown’s roundabout was deferred while the Gants Hill works were ongoing. The Gants Hill works were completed some time ago, except for the Egg Whisk which has nothing to do with TfL He has written to TfL asking for an update but he may wish to note the new TfL response targets – get a letter published in the Ilford Recorder and you get a response the same day.

We are asked by the Local Safeguarding Children Board to publicise their leaflet explaining that Private Fostering arrangements must be notified to the Local Council. They will make arrangements for a social worker to visit - assuming they have not been made redundant.

Meanwhile, having grown up and got a University degree it is reported that graduates are increasingly “underemployed” in lower-skilled jobs, up now to 40% from 30% four years ago. This means that they are probably not reaching the earnings threshold where they have to repay their loans to er… the government who we understand are desperately short of cash. Not personally you understand – most of them are loaded.

Then we come to the new regime for tuition fees [but not in Scotland] brought in by the present government, and surprise surpise, nearly all Universities are charging the maximun £9,000. Er, this is not paid by the students, it is paid by the government in the form of loans and did I mention that the government are desperately short of cash. Did they not see this coming? #ShootInFoot. Hat-tip Molly. She has a more detailed post here.

Returning to TfL we learn today [Thursday] that Redbridge is to receive £385,500 from TfL for “cycling improvements”. However, as Freewheeler points out we have lost out to our neighbours Waltham Forest on having the shortest cycle path in London. He, or indeed she, also has some rather interesting comments for the residents of Wanstead and Snaresbrook.

And finally, for the time being, someone who shall not be named used the Redbridge-i Report It section today [Thursday] to report that “this” had been stolen from the Craven Gardens Car Park. And he got a reply saying it had been “actioned”.

An finally, finally here is an example of a Professionally erected sign which can viewed at Fullwell Cross roundabout.
Here’s Steeleye Span with Hard Times of Old England


  1. .... and who knew about the "Consultation" over the artwork to be installed at the entrance to Fairlop Waters?

    There does not seem to be any option to vote for not having this nonsense at all. Whatever happened to the idea of having a memorial Spitfire there?

  2. You did! Thanks for telling...
    But whatever has possessed one of the "artists" to include a horse in his design given all the rumpus we had with a Racetrack?