Sunday, April 24, 2011

To AV or not to AV

As May 5th is fast approaching I thought I’d better mention the Referendum.

In the interests of balance and fairness I should point out that your Chairman is a “No” voter and your Secretary is a “Yes” voter, so….

Here is the No2AV website.

Here is the Yes2AV website.

And here is the Meh2AV website.

What intrigues me though, is that the very people who embraced Thatcherism, and that includes NuLabour, and who worship the God of the free market, greater choice, diversity and individual freedom are the very people who want to restrict your choices when electing and voting for……. them!

The argument that AV would let in the BNP is vacuous in the extreme. It will not, that is why the BNP are opposing AV, and in any case the way to deal with extremism is to win the argument, not maintain a rigged voting system so they can’t get elected.

Here are a few blog posts that have caught my attention.

Rupert Read and Darrell Goodliffe debate the pros and cons @ the Daily Maybe

Molly is the Ambassador for Outrage

Flesh is Grass on how to decide.

Jim Killock on Change starts at Local Level.

And here’s Dan Snow talking about something much more interesting – which Pub to go to…..



  1. Wow! Nearly a week gone by and nobody has posted a comment yet! Still, considering the lack of effort that both sides seem to be putting into this, perhaps it's not surprising ...

    So far, we've had one piece of paper flooding through the letterbox. Well, not we, exactly - it was addressed to Mrs Knowsie - I seem to be persona non grata ...

    Anyway, as it landed 'butter side down' on the doormat, the first gem to come from this missive was a personal attack on Nick Clegg on the back of it with four bullet points at the top - none of them about AV!

    As you may have guessed, this rather strange document was from the Vote No brigade ...

    Anyway, starting from the beginning, there is a page telling is how expensive AV is - some of this expense being required because the electorate (that's you and me!) is thick and don't understand anything complicated ...

    However, I think I heard during the week that, not only have these claims been rubbished but they are also to be the subject of a legal challenge, so I'd better leave the subject alone so, moving rapidly on ...

    Next we have a comic strip style representation of how AV works, which tells us that Under AV the votes of the least popular candidate can decide who wins the election. Makes it sound to me as if the loser has the right to decide who we should have voted for! Later on, a text version of the process explains the process much better and, to me, seems to demonstrate how much better the electorate's wishes are respected with AV - not what they wanted, perhaps ...?

    A world map demonstrates that only a small part of it uses AV, implying that all other countries have democratic elections and that they all use the First Past The Post system. I think not ...

    However, the most mystifying part of the leaflet is a photograph of an athletics race in which the first (of four) runners is breasting the tape and a big arrow points to the fourth runner proclaiming The winner under AV!

    Surely this can't be true? But then I realised the beauty of it! Obviously they have hit on an excellent idea for the Olympics - all the entrants for each event will parade in the arena and the spectators will vote for the winner - I don't care if they use FPTP or AV, as it doesn't interest me in the slightest.

    Fantastic, no need for heats and the whole thing could be over in a day - then we can go back to living our lives again!

    Better still, if they could persuade all the spectators to apply for postal votes ...

    Well, they've convinced me! It's AV for me!

  2. I think we can safely say that this subject has not caught the public's imagination....

  3. i came across this site after i googled until what time you could go to the nearest polling station today, i found it very interesting to read your site as until now i did not fully realized what i was voting for tonight and would first like to thank you but second ask you the question; how come a not thick lady does not know exactly what it was all about today? Not enough information in the post so no wonder the public has stayed clear form forums like these, they havent got a clue, just like i had not!!!

  4. What was so fascinating for me is the side-effect that traffic in Fullwell Avenue/ Mossford Lane was so civilised compared with the usual chock-a-block traffic of highly stressed drivers.
    Are primary schools making such an enormous contribution to the everyday activity on the roads? Ilford County High was not closed, only Clore Tikva and the difference was striking.
    annesevant (who did not have to bother to understand the AV question because my input in the choice was 'not required'!)