Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Redbridge Alley Gaters

In front of the gates

A FOURTH Alley Gate Scheme set of gates were unveiled to Redbridge Police and local Neighbourhood Watch members on 18th April 2011 in Brantwood Gardens at the junction of Ambleside Gardens, Ilford, IG4.

The gates were installed as an initiative to help combat anti-social behaviour such as fly tipping and to prevent burglary at the rear of properties. The gates were part funded as a joint enterprise by Redbridge Police and LBR Partnership group but residents contributed the remaining balance; each household that had access to the alley contributed between £40 to £170. In total the four Neighbourhood Watches that have installed alley gates have spent £16,542.

Chief Inspector Bill Brame, Redbridge Safer Neighbourhood Teams said: “Schemes like this reduce the opportunity for burglars and the evidence shows that where gates have been introduced, the number of burglaries diminishes dramatically”.

Lisa Cherry, Neighbourhood Watch Manager for Redbridge, reinforced the message: “The introduction of the gates has brought the community together to tackle an ongoing problem and this type of positive action is the essence of Neighbourhood Watch”.

Jim Maddan, Chair of the London Neighbourhood Watch Association, and National Chair of the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network, also attended the event and said: “I welcome any initiative that reduces the opportunity for crime and at the same time brings the community together. We must all work together to make the places we live safer”.

Ann Hart the NHW Coordinator for Brantwood Gardens worked alongside the NHW office and the local SNT to ensure that everyone, not only contributed to the scheme, but was happy with the gates installation. Mrs Hart said: “This project has helped to bring our community together and now everyone knows their neighbours. We intend to roll out this scheme to other NHW groups throughout Redbridge which will, not only make the area more difficult to burgle, but will improve the general appearance of back alleyways by reducing fly-tipping”.


  1. Please don’t get me started on these gates. We’ve been trying for years to get our block gated (the alleyways behind Barkingside High Street).

    Each time we are rejected by Area 3. And so the fly-tipping continued - and still does today. It has probably cost this Council more to continually clean up the fly-tipping in these alleyways over the years than it would’ve done to actually install the gates.

    Lessons learnt? I think not. So why bother asking (yet again) this Area 3 to consider alley-gating this slip-road.

  2. Ray,
    Instead of whinging, perhaps you should approach the people quoted above to find out how they managed to succeed?

  3. What makes you think I plan to be staying in this country for much longer!!? (That's part-why I'be not turned up to Area Committees for some time now).