Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Dog’s Breakfast

Adam Ramsey over at Bright Green asks where has all the money gone?

Well, according to the Telegraph Taxpayers are being forced to pay almost £70 million under the Private Finance Initiative for schools that no longer exist. And Taxpayers are paying £5 billion a year in interest on money the Government borrowed to support the banking sector.

Meanwhile our ConDem government are passing legislation to tackle tax avoidance and evasion, but with a twist. There are some people who are exempt from the new rules, oh yes, that would be…….MPs. Well, I suppose we can rely on our MPs to come up with new and innovative ways to keep their noses in the trough now that they can’t claim for Duck Houses on expenses.

On the enviroment the EUs attempts to regulate deep sea oil drilling in European waters to prevent another deepwater horizon is being opposed by the “greenest government ever”. Of course all the money that would have to be spent on any clear up operation would look good on the balance sheet and give the illusion that the economy and GDP are doing well.

The “greenest government ever” is also planning to scrap green laws which protect our planet and help prevent climate change. Politicians claim that these important laws that reduce emissions, protect wildlife and the countryside are ‘red tape’ and that we're better off without. The joy of listening to birds singing in your garden doesn’t contribute to the economic balance sheet and the goal of having ever more stuff sold to us that we don’t need.

And as if we didn’t have enough U-Turn problems here locally the government have now done a U-Turn on their earlier U-Turn. They now really are going to sell off our forests along with their sending their own children up Chimneys

Talking of U-Turns and PFIs the Chancellor, George Osborne, and the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, are to press ahead with 61 PFIs totalling a massive £6.9Billion. "In opposition both Osborne and Vince Cable said that PFI was poor value for the taxpayer. The Chancellor described it as 'a discredited model' whilst the Business Secretary called it "a dishonest system of accounting, designed to hide taxpayers' liabilities."

Then we learn from the local press that the government also want to abolish local councils’ duty to provide allotments. Perhaps they should take a close look at local councils’ duty to provide schooling for those children within their remit, because under Mr Gove’s plans they now are not allowed to build or provide any new schools at all. All new schools are to be so-called “free schools” provided by educational trusts or the private sector.

And to round off we understand from a reliable and trustworthy source in Downing St. that if the AV Referendum result is a “No” then Mr Cameron will resign as Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister in favour of the person who actually won that election by First-Past-The-Post – Mr David Davis.

Oh, and Christmas is cancelled…..

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  1. Dog's breakfast - sounds fairly close to the well-known product of the Wychwood Brewery....