Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bloomin' Shrubberies

Dear Editor,

You may have wondered if I have died in the extremes of weather we have suffered this winter in the light of my Great Age. But no! I remain alive and kicking - well, sort of kicking anyway. And you may also have wondered if I continue to do my work as a Guerilla Gardener - and the answer is Yes! I will attach two photographs taken this weekend in the Shrubberies in Aldborough Road North.

As someone who is not averse to being critical of Redbridge Council, I would like to pay tribute to the team of gardeners who appeared in the Shrubberies last week, labouring away for some three days. They started to prune the shrubs and I feared that they would trundle over my daffodils, hyacynths and crocus in their hobnailed boots, but no! In fact, they did a splendid job weeding around the flowering bulbs and the bluebells which are just beginning to bloom. Well done, Gentlemen - whoever you are. Most impressive - and they even cleared up afterwards.

Ron Jeffries

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  1. Great age, Ron? My mother would reject that statement and tell you that you're only a youngster! That's because she is just 3 months short of her 100th birthday.

    I travelled yesterday through Aldborough Road North. I will admit that I did not glance towards the shrubbery - it was school run time! But I did see the beautiful daffodils further down alongside the farmland. The community owes you a debt of gratitude for embellishing the locality. Thankyou.