Friday, June 25, 2010

What a Shower

I don’t normally do product endorsement, so the product which is the subject of this post shall remain anonymous. But I need to start somewhere else and explain that my reading list is quite varied. I like to know what others are saying and thinking, especially in the comments sections where invective and opinion can be quite entertaining. For example, Labour are frequently portrayed as incompetent buffoons, the Liberal Democrats as two-faced, the Tories as evil and nasty and the Greens as being a bunch of hippies who want to turn the clock back 200 years and ban personal hygiene. Normally I would not leave out the BNP and UKIP but some of the descriptions of them are not suitable for a family blog like this one. Two of the less extreme labels are wingnuts and nutjobs.

Now to the point. The 40th Glastonbury Festival is coming up and supported by Greenpeace. And we can scotch those rumours that it will be attended by the likes of swampie who will not be paying attention to personal body odours. You see, a well know manufacturer of showers, whose name coincides with one of our committee [that’s a clue], is supplying eco friendly showers so that swampie can have his annual wash.They say they are “up to the challenge” of cleaning up the huge crowd expected at the event. This is where Private Enterprise meets environmentalism.
The showers are based in the Greenpeace field, which this year has a distinctive rainforest theme, complete with hanging vines, authentic forest sounds and smells, and even orang-utans. Last year over 7,000 festival-goers emerged squeaky clean from the hot, solar-assisted showers and many declared them the best on the festival site!

“Greenpeace with a little help from [name] Showers will once again be offering Glastonbury festival goers a magical experience in the ever-popular solar assisted, zero carbon, hot showers. With water saving shower heads and powerful pumps this year’s forest themed showers are sure to be a big hit,” says Bob Wilson, Greenpeace.

“Getting dirty goes hand in hand with Glastonbury but I’m sure many festival goers will be happy to learn that they can get clean at the end of the day. Water saving and conservation is a big commitment for us, and we’re delighted to be able to once again work with Greenpeace on a Eco friendly showering solution. This way people get to stay clean and do their bit for the environment too,” says [name], Marketing Manager, [name] Showers.

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  1. When I go to a fest, I don't shower. It's the only time of the calendar I use wet-wipes, and it's wonderful. But anyway this is pretty cool - I wonder if they'll have them at Green Man this year.