Monday, June 14, 2010

They’re Off

It’s not just World Cup Football we’ve got to get excited about, there are other sports going on you know.

Down in the south east of our very own borough the Jockeys have weighed in and mounted their steeds for the Chadwell by erection handicap stakes, a 24 day event of furious leafleting, door-knocking and tele-canvassing. The Bookies are doing a brisk trade and there is lots of arm waving going on.

It’s a six horse race and the riders are:
Wilson Chowdhry on Megaphone Lad
Julian Leppert on White Charger
Gary Monro on Blue Rinse Lady
Wes Streeting on Student Loan
John Tyne on The Future’s Orange
Paul Wiffen on English Pound.

The battle buses are on their way and if you think those vuvuzelas make an ‘orrible din just wait till Wilson comes round with his mobile megaphone.

So to an analysis of the riders. There are three ex-councillors who all lost their seats in May and are being given a second chance by this bloke, who won the last race but was disqualified after a stewards enquiry. John Tyne was a defending LibDem Chadwell councillor of 12 years standing so we can expect him to know the course well, but it will be interesting to see if there is any adverse reaction to the ConDem coalition both nationally and locally. Gary Monro was a Cranbrook Conservative councillor and a Cabinet member for Children’s Services. He will be very familiar with the dodgy turn by School Place. Julian Leppert was a BNP councillor in Hainault and does not live in the borough so quite how he got to the starting line up, I don’t know. This is an away race for him.

That blokes replacement for Labour is Wes Streeting who has just finished his term as President of the National Union of Students and is now looking for a proper job. Although he lives in the ward he is pleased that the Labour team have set up advice surgeries, but where were they, and he, over the past 4 years? Paul Wiffen was the UKIP candidate who withdrew from the Ilford South Parliamentary election due to some unfortunate remarks but still stood in Chadwell. He was second from last. Which leaves the outsider and maverick Green Wilson Chowdhry who has been working the ward now for about 6 years. He is well known locally and if anyone can pull out a shock finish, it’s him.


  1. By-eRection? Shurely shome mishtake?

  2. I wondered why I was walking funny..!

    Gary Monro

  3. Hopefully Gary Monro dresses to the right.....

  4. i am sure he does.