Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Street Furniture

This delightfully positioned piece of pavement art appeared on Bank Holiday Monday morning 31st May. Note how the colour perfectly contrasts and juxtaposes the fern hedge in the background bringing out the conflict between Man and Nature.
It was reported later that same day using the Report It section on the council website – Redbridge-i. On Tuesday afternoon it was gone. I suppose somebody could have nicked it but I fancy the Council van had been round and taken it away to the dump.

Two issues here:

1. Do the naughty boys who dump their rubbish on somebody else’s street actually know that they can take it to the Refuse site in Chigwell Road for FREE? Or are they just too damn lazy?

2. We don’t have to put up with this. This council is very good at responding to these reports, so use it.


  1. I agree that the council are super efficient at responding to reports of litter on street/pavement. What annoys me is that the perpetrators are free to carry on dumping their rubbish. Do they marvel it gets collected? Do they just not care?
    I suppose getting to the trouble of finding the offenders and taking them to court, etc,... is not financially viable but one despairs at the lack of citizenship of so many.
    However, I noticed that at Sainsbury's Newbury Park, the dire situation by the recycling bins has been remedied by notices to the effect that CCTV cameras have been installed. I saw the prominent notices and the immediate effect. Worth a try in known hot spots?

  2. Yes it works. We used to have frequent fly-tipping round the corner by the Rugby Club, but since the CCTV has been there it has been OK. Which is probably why said miscreants left their rubbish here! Grrrrr!

  3. Oh dear, oh dear. Did you all not realise this was an Art Installation? I mean, look at it, it's beautiful, man! Deep and meaningful.

  4. My old "bins" aren't what they were so I was peering at the photo looking for any BT logos on the 'pavement box'. If it had been there much longer, someone would have sold it as advertising space.

    Oops! I may be giving people ideas!

  5. Talking of which, Jawal1, can somebody update us on BT's Fullwell Cross and Chadwell Heath monstrosities? There are others around the borough, some of which are kerbside with the clear primary purpose of advertising (which distracts drivers) and the telephone facility being clearly secondary.

  6. Not much chance of that while there is cricket on :)