Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nonsense on Stilts

What a lovely phrase. I picked it up via a tip-off from Sven – it’s in The Argos down Brighton way. The British Medical Association conference has voted three to one in favour of banning NHS funding for homeopathic remedies and removing support for the UK's four homeopathic hospitals.
Dr Tom Dolphin said he had previously described homeopathy as witchcraft, but now wanted to apologise to witches for making that link. "Homeopathy is not witchcraft, it is nonsense on stilts.”
"It is pernicious nonsense that feeds into a rising wave of irrationality which threatens to overwhelm the hard-won gains of the Enlightenment and the scientific method. We risk, as a society, slipping back into a state of magical thinking when made-up science passes for rational discourse and wishing for something to be true passes for proof. Let's stop wasting scarce NHS money on something with plenty of evidence to show it does not work. Strike a blow for science and protect our patients from this insidious practice."
Meanwhile closer to home:

On 17th June the Ilford Recorder report that “Doctors working in Redbridge have gone public with their anger at proposals to axe King George Hospital's A&E, claiming it will cost lives.”

On 26th June the Wanstead & Woodford Guardian report that former Aldborough councillor Mrs Loraine Sladden was “absolutely fuming” at the suggestion by Sarah Heyes, a director of the Wanstead Polysystem and one of the key players in plans to radically alter the shape of healthcare in Redbridge, that she could not back up her claim that 95% of the Doctors who responded to her questionnaire were not in favour of the plans and that those who were in favour all had a connection to the Polysystem.

It makes you wonder if these people actually talk to each other and/or read the local papers?

Part of the proposals were also to close the Maternity Unit at King George but B21 is aware of one young lady who lives in Brentwood who was very recently given the choice of Queens or King George for her maternity care. Sounds to me like they are not coping at Queens? Who'd have thought that?

These proposals were, we were told “clinician led”. What they didn’t tell us was which clinicians, whethere they were homeopaths, how many and what percentage of the total they represent.

See the British Medical Association website here. They’re not happy bunnies. Bit of a challenge for the new government methinks?
Update: "Role Reversal": "Ilford South MP Mike Gapes demanded a clear answer on the future of the services in Parliament on Tuesday." - Ilford Recorder, today. Yikes! They've only been there for 6 weeks. He and his party had 13 years to sort it out!


  1. In my own experience, homeopathy works very well for some things, but not all.

    And of course, conventional medicine works very well for some things, BUT NOT ALL.

  2. Remind me to buy you a bottle of Homeopathic Whisky for Christmas :-)

  3. I'm still working my way through that case of Veuve Cliquot you gave me last year!

  4. Yeah! Rubbish innit! Someone gave it to me years ago but I had to make some room in my cellar for more Adnams and Abbotts!