Saturday, June 26, 2010

Message to Monkhams

.. and Clementswood and Loxford. We are relying on you. Our fate is your hands – you have to make this a success. There are people round here in Barkingside who are desperate for a kerbside cardboard recycling facility. In fact I’m prepared to do a “dating service” if you haven’t got any or enough light card to recycle just to get the bloody thing off the ground.

Redbridge council says:
From July a trial recycling service will collect light cardboard and paper from 2,600 households in the Monkhams, Clementswood and Loxford areas.
If the six month trial is successful and budget is available it is hoped the service will be extended.
What are they playing at? They know we want it and will use it, so why bother with a trial? Why not just bloody do it?

The trial cardboard recycling facility at Craven Gardens Car Park was inundated and ended up with this. Last year’s green garden waste scheme was so successful it took them by surprise and peeps were complaining that their stuff had not been collected. This really should be a clue about what we want, shouldn’t it? Who’s running this show? Trouble is that “environment” gets shifted around the cabinet portfolios and does not have the profile that a true “green” presence in the council chamber would afford it.

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