Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Le Crunch

This was the scene at Fullwell Parade, Fullwell Avenue on Monday 14 June.
My apologies to any visitor here who is using a Redbridge library computer, or who just happens to be a Redbridge Councillor or Officer. It’s not my fault that you can’t see the images. The Redbridge-i server is barring them. So for your benefit image 1 is a car [it’s a Citroën Saxo, hence the post title] with it’s front smashed in and image 2 is the central island it smashed into.

Fullwell Parade is where a young schoolboy was recently seriously injured in a road accident and is the subject of Item 15 at tonight’s Area Committee 3 meeting.

That is, if the room has not been double booked?


  1. There are a number of idiot drivers, idiot pedestrians and idiot cyclists. Some of them come together in Fullwell Ave.

    I'm not sure what conclusions to draw from this.

  2. I have driven past this point at various times and I can confirm that the cars parked do not belong to residents in adjoining houses or in the flats above the shops. Therefore one concludes that the parking is the result of customers and/or staff using the shops. I live near a small parade of shops and most of the cars parked belong to people working there not shopping there.

    There is a small 'service' road at the Fullwell Avenue shops and occasionally cars attempt to exit from it. The problems I have noted as a driver are that vehicles speed up going down the hill, cars park in the road because the service road is full, there is a centre refuge and "Keep Left" sign that is a potential distraction. Drivers attempting to exit from the service road (if they can get in it in the first place) usually have their view of oncoming traffic blocked and usually have the front end of the car sticking out before they can see anything. I ALWAYS sloww down when approaching the area going downhill (as indeed I do at the Caterham Avenue junction which is another dangerous one). This is also, of course, on the 169 bus route.

    I observe that the centre refuge is a problem and could (should?) be replaced by a pedestrian crossing but the report to Area 3 seems to rule this out on cost grounds and on traffic volumes. There are, however, special circumstances with the area due to the road design and current usage.