Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gants Stand Still

Just thought I’d warn everybody. The works down at Gants Hill are coming to an end, but not without a sting in the tail. The final stage is to resurface the roadways and it comes in 4 two-week phases starting on July 12th. That’s eight weeks, or two months which includes the Redbridge Sky Ride on August 15th. As the report says “The necessary closures will be disruptive for residents, commuters, bus passengers and local businesses.”

The plan is to keep the main east-west traffic open with contraflows but north south traffic will not get through this way. North south Buses are to be re-routed via Tanners Lane, Horns Road and Ley Street. Please note that the phases in that report are in the wrong order, they should be 1, 4, 3, 2.

It’s gotta be done, I'm afraid. But fortunately we do have other options for tube stations which are now all in Zone 4. Since December I’ve been going in to the City via Fairlop and coming home via South Woodford.


  1. Grew up in ILFORD lived at Gants Hill for a lot of that time moved to Bournemouth in mid sixties and even then Gants Hill was the most busy roundabout in the country loved growing up there,teenage years so much fun, will not go into that here though,might get banned ha ha

  2. Do we know if or how these roadworks will affect (ie. disrupt) the Sky Bike Ride in August?

  3. I waited and waited and nobody has yet made flattering comments re the two Cllrs on the picture.(Cabinet member and Area 4)
    Go anonymous if you must!

  4. Never mind the hard hats have you noticed the Notice Board in the background, which apart from having to be replaced because the locals objected to being referred to as "Barkingside" instead of Gants Hill, has now been re-located FOUR times.

  5. I thought that it always part of the plan that the robust much loved organisation 'TrafficJams For London' (TfL) so badly wanted us to all think of it favourably that it was planning for a Korean-style wall between Ilford North and Ilford South. Only their first attempt was thwarted when the peasents revolted and said 'no'.

    Anyway, hurrah, at long last the works are almost over!

    Alas however, when the happy day arrives they wont be taking all their toys with them - as Gants Hill and environs will be sporting a motly collection of poles decorated with bejewelled twinkling coloured lights.

    I wonder whether the traffic will flow any more easily as a result? Silly me, thats never been their aim. Free flowing traffic is seen as an enemy which must be defeated at all costs! No longer will road users be able to sail through the roundabout in an uncontrolled way at 25mph at 5am without stopping.

    In recent months the congestion, air pollution and misery they are causing at Gants Hell has often been the topic on a yahoo group about public transport in London to which some TfL employees belong. The attitude is that if there were no cars then the buses would not be stuck in traffic. Blame everyone except themselves.

    Whats really baffling is how the works could ever have been completed - as originally planned - in just a few months. Methinks that such was never a viable option... it was just a devilish ruse used to help 'sell' the scheme and inevitable disruption caused to locals and others passing through.

    In other words, they saw what happened with the Valentines Park and Mansion refurbishment (which also over-ran its initial time slot) and decided to try to compete in who could cause the most disruption to the most people for the longest time.


  6. My sources tell me that the following bus route changes will be introduced....

    128, 150 and 167 are rerouted from Hainault Street via the 169 route to Barkingside.

    462 will divert direct along the northern section of Beehive Lane.

    123 and 179 towards Charlie Browns will serve normal line of route as far as Gants Hill Station, then divert via Eastern Avenue (serving the stop for the Station) then the northern section of Beehive Lane. Towards Ilford both routes are diverted along the whole length of
    Beehive Lane.

    N8 will use Longwood Gardens and Beehive Lane in
    both directions.

    Information on the 296 and 396 is not known. I am hoping that they are extended via the Eastern Avenue as far as Beehive Lane and then to the Cranbrook Road. Otherwise visits to King George will be by car, parking in local roads outside to avoid car park fees.

    There will also be a free 599 along the northern section of Cranbrook Road, between Gants Hill Library and Fulwell Cross. Buses will operate every 15 mins during evenings and early mornings, but only 20 mins during the day!

    Whilst the free 599 is some good news, to my eyes its about 50% less frequent than it could be. Especially in the rush hours people wanting buses from locations to / from the north will not be happy. Nor having to change bus en route if going to / from Gants Hill to catch the underground.

    I hope that the utilities (water, gas, electric etc) are NOT going to set up new road works with single lane alternate traffic along any of the
    diversion routes. Especially Ley Street / Horns Road, which will be very busy with all the traffic displaced from Cranbrook Road.


    (much information sourced from the online LondonsTransport Yahoogroups discussion list).

  7. Are these two ladies taking the mickey or is it a fashion shoot? very much tounge in cheek, knowing of course exactly who they are one of course being the person who wants a "cafe" society where you cannot smoke but you can die of traffic pollution, which can only get worse once this dreadful fiasco is completed, Its interesting that the time span for completion "vis" the tarmacing of the road is going to take so long (two weeks for each section) bad planning and ignorance both by Tfl and the Council for it was they who had responsibility for roads prior to the existence of Tfl or its predecessor, Lets see how many traffic accidents, snarl ups and God forbid deaths there are in the next year or so.
    nice too see they crave publicity now after the council elections funny they failed too during it.

  8. John, that photo was taken at the start of the works last year, as you can see from the background, well before the elections.

  9. Sorry B21 My error it seems longer than that. Still it was kept quite during the period stated, like Boris and Keith's get together concerning the Sky Ride.