Thursday, June 10, 2010

Electricity Monitors: available from Libraries

We reported on a pilot scheme for loaning out domestic Energy Meters here in Redbridge in February 2009. We followed up with another report in October 2009 when I had been given an energy meter to test drive and review by a marketing company. At that stage we also had a Council report on the pilot scheme. Well, it’s happened - today’s the day the teddy bears have their energy meters.

You can now borrow an Energy Meter from your local Redbridge Library, details here.

Come to think of it, I don’t really need mine any more so if any member would like to borrow that for a few weeks, you are welcome. You know where and how to contact me.

And this just as Redbridge gets a raspberry for its environmental credentials. Tut!


  1. Dear Ed.

    You got it right, but RedbridgeI got it wrong. One of the problems with our council is that it employs too many illiterates and clots who know only gobbledygook and "management speak". I've sent the press officer the following correction.

    Re. your website article on electricity monitors.

    "Residents can now loan home electricity monitors from local libraries and learn how to save money on electricity bills."

    This should read "Residents can now borrow" etc. The library will be doing the lending, The residents will be doing the borrowing.

    This really is very basic English and you should know better than to confuse loan and borrow.

  2. Well that was quick, it has been changed one wonders if it had been put on Redi would anything have happened? even if it was published?

  3. Good to know that somebody working for Redbridge is on the ball.