Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Digital Bill

No, not the one that was rushed through parliament without any debate in the wash up before the election. This is about the price we pay for Digital technology and the lax approach to security and privacy.

So, you go to Tescos, the Library or Mayfair Stationers to get photocopies of some personal documents. If it is a digital copier, as most of them are nowadays [and usually leased], it takes and keeps a copy of your private document on its hard drive. The same sort of drive that is inside your personal computer.

Opened a bank account lately? You submit documentary evidence of your identity - passport, driving licence, utility bill - and they take a copy. Did you notice that?

You apply for a job and submit your birth certificate. They take a copy and give the original back to you. But that digital file is still on the hard drive of their copier. Deleting the file only deletes the file address, the file is still there in little 1s and 0s waiting to be plucked out by someone who knows how.

Watch the video and start worrying. Hat tip: Dopeyf

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