Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Arm Wrestling

The date for the Chadwell arm wrestling contest [the by election] has been set for Thursday 8th July 2010. In the preliminaries Gary Monro has been victorious in obtaining the Conservative nomination, no mean feat given the competition down at the Palace of Infinite Varieties [the election agent’s term for the party office]. I’m surprised he has time for such matters as election leaflets in between Cricket. For the Liberal Democrats John Tyne has outscored the elder statesman Ralph Scott and no doubt the Greens will be fielding the irrepressible Wilson Chowdhry. The BNP have stood here before, so we can’t rule them out yet, nor UKIP. As for Labour, the cause of the by election and ~£12,000 costs to us the taxpayer, their candidate has not yet been announced. I’ll bet it’s all check, check, double check and check again down there. Or maybe they are finding it difficult to find someone willing to stand who IS eligible?

Anyway, the closing date for nominations is this Friday at noon, 11th June.

So, will there be a backlash against Labour for fielding an ineligible candidate? And should they put their hands in their pockets and cough up for the expense? There’s a poll over on Redbridge Eye in the side bar.

I think this is going to be a close call between John Tyne and Gary Monro, with John having the edge. Wilson I think will do quite well and could challenge Labour for third place. The party machines will be rolling into Chadwell shortly and recycling figures are set to soar.

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