Monday, May 10, 2010

Scott Biggles

Remembering VE Day event 8 May 2010

For the first time since 20 September 1943 a Spitfire was on display at Fairlop Waters Country Park, the site of former RAF Station Fairlop. Despite the cold wet weather there was a steady stream of visitors to the event organised by Fairlop Heritage Group, supported by Vision and staff at Fairlop Waters. We estimate there were 500 visitors and they had the opportunity to meet veterans from the original VE day held in 1945.

Simultaneous a golf competition was held with the appropriate name of the Spitfire Trophy, won by the green staff.

The event was opened by the Deputy Mayor Cllr Brian Lambert.

Our patron Lee Scott MP surprised us all by announcing that he would be mounting a campaign for a Spitfire Fund to get a full size Spitfire at Fairlop.

He wants a section of runway exposed for future generations and a heritage centre when the complex is redeveloped.

David Hodson of Gateguards UK battled with the elements to bring the replica Spitfire up the motorway from Cornwall. A privileged few were allowed to climb aboard and enjoy sitting in the cockpit.

Altogether a most worthy event, a tribute to those who took part in the original celebration.

Folded Spitfire on trailer (Photo David Martin)

First Spitfire at Fairlop since 1943! (Photo David Martin)

Lee Scott MP (Patron) and David Martin (Chairman) Fairlop Heritage Group (Photo Still Solutions)

Lee [Biggles] Scott MP aboard (Photo Still Solutions)


  1. It would be great if a replica Spitfire could occupy the 4th plinth in Trafalger sqaure as well.

  2. Its great that at last people have shown interest in the valuable part Fairlop Waters played as a fighter base in 2 world wars.
    Shame that Redbridge Council has just realised that they have a historic site on their doorstep. We of the Fairlop Heritage Group have been fighting the council for two years to expose part of the original runway.
    Happily now with our Patron Lee Scott MP supporting us we will carry on our plans for a permanent war memorial, living heritage and educational centre at Fairlop Waters.
    Personally I would also like an apprentice scheme set up there for the youngsters in the borough to learn about the aircraft that flew from Fairlop and aircraft maintenance.

    We asked all the companies on the Hainault Trading estate if any would help sponsor the VE Day event we put on last week. Shamefully not one had the decency to even reply to us.
    Our next planned event will be at Fairlop waters on November 11th at 11am Remembrance day. Everyone is welcome.
    Alan Harris,President Fairlop Heritage Group