Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ryan’s Air

The boroughwide “Forum” on the council website opened up for business again on Monday [17th May] after being shut down for six weeks in the run-up to the elections, not that anybody noticed. It now looks like they may be shut down again pronto if and when the By Election is called. The powers that be remain wedded to the failure that is “Neighbourhood Matters”, “Ask Your Neighbour” and “Pledgebank”. These neighbourhood forums are restricted to a 1Km radius of each registered user - but you can change your postcode and look what I found. Of course, in the old days Mrs Ryan could have put this up on the main forum for everyone to see but that facility is no longer available even for Councillors. Anyway I thought I’d give her message a wider airing.

New facilities in Fairlop Parks

Claybury Park: There is to be an official opening of the park in September and I hope that many of you will be able to come and enjoy the day. A natural play area and green gym are to be installed in the park in the next couple of months. I trust that these will be welcomed and well used facilities.

Penrith Park Hainault: ( Do you use this park? ) The Green Gym is due to be in place in Penrith Park by the end of March, weather etc permitting. Do you welcome these facilities and will you use them?

Posted by: Cllr Joyce Ryan (08/03/2010)


  1. The lovely play area for youngsters in Claybury Park is already in use.
    Please, please, please, could somebody tell me if children (aged 7 to 12 approx.) are allowed to use their petrol-powered quad bikes on the mountain-bike ramp and also the play area.
    Looks dangerous for riders and others since they go quite fast. Also the air becomes so polluted. However the youngsters and their parents are adamant that they do no wrong and I must admit I have not seen any posting to say it is not allowed.
    anonymous, please, for valid reasons!

  2. To the best of my knowledge the activity described is contrary to the borough bylaws and should be reported to the Parks Police. Unfortunately the council's website does not give a direct line telephone number, but the general number(020-8554 5000) should be able to help.

  3. Is there a date set for the opening of Claybury Park?

    Yes the new facilities are great, although I probably will not use them myself.

  4. When we find out it will on this blog pronto.