Monday, May 31, 2010

June is Busting Out …

OK, so what can we look forward in June?

On Saturday June 5th Madam Deputy Mayor will be opening the Guide Dogs for the Blind event up at their training centre in Woodford Bridge. Whether she will accept the “blindfold challenge” remains to be seen, but we expect it to be an interesting an enjoyable event, complete with puppies, aaahhh!

The following Saturday, June 12th is Fun in the Park [click for details] at the Barkingside Recreation Ground. This is a repeat of last year’s successful event put on by the local Churches. Usual stuff, for the children, live music etc etc. Watch out at about 1pm for the fly past. Nothing to do with us, but it’s also the Queen’s birthday celebrations up in Horse Guards Parade and we are on the flight path. I doubt that Fight the Flights will complain about that.

Later that same day is England’s first game in the 2010 World Cup, this feast of wall to wall football on television having kicked off the previous day, so blogging might be light until England get knocked out on penalties. The final is not until July 11th.

The Capital Clean Up campaign [nothing to do with expenses or rewarding failure] started on May 12th and runs until 23rd June. As part of this the local McDonalds team in Barkingside are planning a litter pick on Wednesday 16th June. They haven’t quite decided where yet but the High Street and the alleyways should keep them occupied.

Unfortunately the pristine state of the High Street will be lost on those who attend the Area Committee 3 meeting later that same day, as it’s not in the Fullwell Cross library – it’s up at the Hainault Community Centre in Manford Way starting 7:15pm. It’s the first meeting of the municipal year, and since the local elections, so the first item is to elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman. I fancy a return for the very first Chairman of this committee which would be nice given the forecast event in September. We also have three new councillors to initiate although at least one of them is already well versed in the Area 3 political playpen.

Moving on, the following week on Thursday 24th June we have our own coffee morning from 10am-noon in the Hainault room Fullwell Cross library. I expect the High Street to have returned to its normal state by then. We have as our guest speaker, Ian Dowling who is the chief librarian at the Local Studies archive at central library in Ilford – that which was under threat not that long ago. He will be telling us all about the treasures that lay beyond the doors, and giving us a glimpse of the history of our local area.

After a short break, via the Fairlop Oak, we will be heading off to William Torbitt Primary School in the evening for the Area Committee 4 meeting. Here we also have three new councillors but two of them are Labour – shock. We will be watching the dynamics carefully, especially if a certain ex-councillor turns up to sit with us, the public. Options for Chairman and Vice chairman here are limited. We can rule out the two cabinet members, the two Labour members, the Deputy Mayor and the rookie, which leaves......two Coles and a Kissin.

There’s plenty of other stuff too, see here.


  1. Speaking of cleanups - I took the grandchildren to Barkingside Rec this morning (Bank Holiday Monday). There was mess in the toddlers area, there was mess all over the playing field, there was mess in the older kids' play area - largely food-related items.

    Is it too much to expect some of our local youth to learn how to use the rubbish bins provided?

  2. No! But I suspect it does not just apply to our local youth! Children in the custody of Adults, who are "responsible", are perhaps equally to blame?

  3. They event you failed to mention was the sporadic,but frequent one, of the Lorry overturning under the Fairlop Station Bridge - yet again- yesterday.

  4. Yes, but that was a day after I wrote and published the post.

  5. Is there any progress (or lack of) regarding the Clayhall Ave/Woodford Ave junction. It is as bad as ever if not worse. Would the new Councillor in charge of Highways be able to get something done?

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  7. B21, it was not a criticsm of your crystal ball, although a lorry hitting the bridge, was a very predictable event. Thank goodness the driver escaped, when I passed at about 11 a.m. the car had been removed.