Friday, May 07, 2010

Out for the Count

I suppose you’ve seen the news already. If not it’s all on the BBC website. The “Hang ‘Em High” campaign seems to have worked, the Labour Vote has held up remarkably well and the Liberal Democrats have been disappointing.

Locally no real change. Lee Scott [Ilford North], Mike Gapes [Ilford South] and Iain Duncan Smith [Chingford and Woodford Green] all held on to their seats while John Cryer [Leyton and Wanstead] took over from Harry Cohen.
The big thing was that here in Redbridge, and some other London boroughs, the National and Local Ballot papers were all put into the same ballot boxes, which meant it took 5 hours to sort and verify them before actual counting got underway. The Ilford North result was declared at 5:30am, yawn!

Another thing that has caught my eye is that we now have our very first Green Party MP on 31.3% of the local vote and 1% of the national vote while the BNP and UKIP are on 1.9% and 3.1% respectively with no MPs. I wonder if they will be so keen on Proportional Representation now?

So to the locals. The turnout here is massive for locals. Averaging just over 60% per ward. This could produce some strange results so having got a few hours beauty sleep I’m out for the count this afternoon. This could be interesting.

23:44 Back now, but with a slight detour to deal with the food and drink department. We remain a hung council, but the difference now is that there is a combination of “opposition” parties who could form a majority if they can come to some agreement. However, the past 12 months have been quite good, so the Kingmaker, Hugh Cleaver, has some thinking to do especially considering the way the national situation looks like going. The next two Full Council meetings could be quite interesting

Conservatives – 30
Labour – 26
Liberal Democrats – 7

Amazingly Labour have picked up seats from both the Tories and LibDems. It’s all a bit complicated due to all the defections over the past year and councillors moving to new wards but there are some notable casualties.

Loraine Sladden [Con Aldborough] to Labour
Gary Munro [Con Cranbrook] to Labour
Ronnie Barden [Con Clayhall] to Labour
Julian Leppert [BNP Hainault] to Conservative
Ralph Scott [LibDem Chadwell] to Labour
John Tyne [LibDem Chadwell] to Labour

I’m really tired, having been up all last night, so further comment will have to wait until tomorrow. See next post above.


  1. And which overpaid Returning Officers organised for both ballot papers to go in the same box - never heard of colour coding the ballot boxes eh?
    Its a good job returning officers are not subject to a vote otherwise they would be bottom of the poll.

  2. Don't ever expect that people (highly) paid allegedly to solve very complex problems are capable of seeing simple solutions!

  3. Great news from Barking & Dagenham where the BNP have lost all their seats on the council. Numbers of votes they achieved still worrying but it's good to see the back of them.

  4. Excellent! This time yesterday they were claiming that they would take control! A bit like Alex Salmond's 20 SNP Westminster MPs.

    I suppose there is the prospect that Redbridge might declare a few results any day now....

  5. Every seat lost may be sad for the individual, and can be a problem for the party.

    However, there are two in the above list that I note particularly. One of them is in my own neck of the woods and fills me with joy and hope. The so-called "party" involved has taken a thrashing on a wide area, and deservedly so given the physical kicking from one of its leading members that we all saw on our screens in the last week.

    In the case of Ronnie Barden, his defeat brings to an end 36 years of service to a community. He was first elected in Clayhall in 1974 (4 years before my own first election). Politicians often say that position on the ballot paper is important in securing election. In Ronnie's case it seems to have worked in reverse. He has incurred the wrath of the electorate rather than his colleague who is in last position alphabetically.

    Thanks Ronnie. Now enjoy your freedom. There is more to life than politics.

  6. "By and large, in a democracy, people get the Government they deserve".

    The statement is often attributed to Alexis de Toqueville, author of "Democracy in America", published in 1835, ... but it's hard to verify where he said it, and even whether he really did.

    However, there is a similar and well-documented quotation by Joseph de Maistre: "Every country has the government it deserves (Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite") Sources give its origin as de Maistre's
    Lettres et Opuscules Inédits vol. 1, letter 53, written on 15 August 1811 and published in 1851.

  7. The position of Tory and Labour in the local elections in Redbridge, echoes almost exactly the position in the country as a whole, and the Liberals are the same as the liberals and others in nationaly.