Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Continuity and Change

As has so eloquently been spelt out in the comments in the previous post, while I was writing that the announcement of the make up of the Redbridge Cabinet has finally been uploaded on Redbridge-i. Down from 10 to 9 but a Chippendale or MFI depending upon your point of view.

Staying put are John Fairley-Churchill at Adult Services [not the Net Nanny kind] although he obviously loses the Deputy leader position. Robin Turbefield stays with Housing. Nick Hayes [pictured] remains with Planning and Regeneration where his renowned favour for cricket [and thus fair play] may come in useful. Michelle Dunn retains Highways but loses Environment which is now lumped in with Community Safety. I find it quite worrying at the way Environment gets shoved around year to year like this.

So to change, of which there were bound to be some. Ian Bond takes over from Sue Nolan on Resources as well as deputy leader from John F-C. The big surprise is Shoaib Patel taking on Community Safety and Environment. Don’t know much about this fella; he is a recent by election winner who retained his seat so the jury is out. But he’s got a big pair of boots and high heels to fill in the absence of Michelle and the notable Vanessa Cole. Let’s hope he’s up to it.

Leisure has been a pass the parcel portfolio in recent years and has ended up in the hands of Sue Nolan. Somehow I feel quite comfortable with this although my expectations are not high. I rather hope she can stay the distance, unlike her predecessors, and make some headway in this rather problematic area.

Which leaves the vacancy on Children’s services where Gary Monro was just getting to grips with the problem only to fall foul of the electoral system. That’s life. So, instead we’ve got the perennial cabbie and Jag driver Alan Weinberg. I’m really not sure about this appointment. Don’t get me wrong here. Alan has got his plus points and I quote “I’m a highway’s man, always have been, always will be”. Square peg, round hole?

To round off the role of the ex-Ronnie Barden on Finance and Budget is now in the lap of the leader, Keith Prince, which is probably where it should be in the first place.


  1. A positive comment regarding the appointment of Cllr Weinberg: Whenever children have come to either Cabinet or Full Council meetings and Cllr Weinberg was still in the leading post, the children were made to feel comfortable and were given great praise after their contributions.
    I must add, of course, that Cllr Prince is always welcoming and fair to absolutely everybody even me!
    Cllr Vanessa Cole?
    Obviously, good performance and being appreciated throughout does not guarantee the job.
    (If it was Vanessa Cole's desire to step-down, I apologise humbly.)

  2. R u sure you heard correctly and he didn't say "Highwayman"?

  3. I posted earlier today on Redbridge-i a comment that included a reference to Dick Turpin. It has been posted on the site as:

    "...... (word deleted) Turpin ...."

    I can only conclude that the moderator does not like Dick.

  4. Cllr Vanessa Cole12:04 pm, May 27, 2010

    Many thanks for the comments regarding moi (see Anne, I do remember a petite amount of French) - very much appreciated. For the record I indicated to Keith Prince that I wanted to take a year out of Cabinet to 're-charge' my own personal batteries. I thoroughly enjoyed Community Safety and it was a complex and diverse portfolio in all senses, I am glad to see that the 'environment' or enforcement section has been added but there will be no hiding place for the Cabinet Member (whoever it is). As for walking in my shoes - the 4" heels are waiting for anyone to try!

    Take care and best wishes to all,


  5. Since Mr Weinberg's contribution to the Leisure dept was charging for parking in Parks can we expect parking meters outside all Redbridge schools?

  6. Considering he wanted to sell allotments and car parks, I wonder which school will be the first to be put up for sale?

  7. One would have thought that Cllr. Weinberg's contribution to the Leisure Dept. is the £6 million-plus development at the former PLA site in The Drive, behind the 'new' primary school.

    A Council strapped for cash still has some major projects in train.

  8. The development at the PLA site allows them to have the land that they want for a school at Crickfield (currently occupied by Frenford) and the Frenford site at Oakfield. No indication yet as to what, if anything, the council intends to do with Frenford's Oakfield site.

  9. But when (notwithstanding Lord Rowallan's Covenants) is the Academy to be built at Cricklefield? There seems to be little movement on this at present.

  10. They can hardly start building whilst another organisation is occupying the site can they?

  11. This should not become a debate about Cricklefield but perhaps there should be a separate post on this subject, B21?

    People evidently have opinions on the subject.

    The lease on the Frenford site has been surrendered. Demolition was due to commence this month (May)and the Academy completed by 2012 ready for occupation at the beginning of 2013. The new building at the PLA site has its roof on and is due for occupation by the Autumn and in full swing by Christmas.

  12. Leases are usually surrendered "subject to...." In this case, subject to completion of the new premises. So the surrender will not take place until their new facility is ready for occupation. And when did any governmental project - local or national - adhere to its timetable?