Monday, April 12, 2010

The Worm Turns

Ever since Nick Hurd, MP Ruislip-Northwood, adopted the Sustainable Communities Act for his Private Members Bill I have been on his newsletter mailing list. Most of it is locally focussed but sometimes there is an item of general, nay environmental, interest that catches my eye. Like this item. He is a governor for a local Junior School who have just installed a Wormery. I like worms. They are our garden friends unlike those bastard slugs and snails who strip my plants and lettuces. That’s why we need to ensure a balance of bio-diversity [see previous post] of birds who eat the damned things!
I [Nick Hurd] am Governor of Coteford School and was talking with the School Council about what we could do to protect the Environment. They came up with the great idea of a wormery to process all the food that gets wasted in the school. Hillingdon Council supported us with some funding and the worms are now happily producing compost from the food scraps. All very efficient - and a good example to other schools .
"A good example to other schools." But not just in Ruislip. Any Redbridge School Governors out there?

Mind you one could ask why so much food gets wasted in the first place but I suppose that’s just a step too far just at present. I really must do a review of “Waste” since they were so kind to give me a free copy.


  1. Talking of waste B21 there is also this really interesting Charity/Social Business called fareshare My understanding of their model is that the big supermarkets and food producers pay them to deal with excess food they produce which would otherwise go for landfill or incineration. Fareshare then distributes this to member organisations, who are Charities working with vulnerable people. These Charities in turn give the food out to their clients. Volunteers support the work of fareshare and in return get traning which enables them get into employment. A really neat idea that is clearly a virtous circle.

    Mark Santos

  2. In addition to the link given by Mark Santos, some useful info may be obtained here