Friday, April 02, 2010

Parish Notice

Yesterday, in case you hadn’t noticed, was April 1st so I have had to delay this post by one day, just in case anybody thinks it’s a spoof. April 1st marks the first day of another year for Barkingside 21. It is the day when membership fees are due and we are proud to announce that there will be no increase this year. In fact there has been no increase since our inauguration in 1999. The membership fee remains at £3 per person as it has been for the 11 years of our existence, although it has to be said that most members make an additional donation for which we are jolly grateful. We also have a regular income from Redbridge Council for looking after two public recycling points. This has meant that we have not had to approach the IMF [Area Committee 3] for top up funds since a £300 grant several years ago to kick start our coffee morning programme.

This remarkable achievement is due to sound and prudent financial management by our great helmsman, the Treasurer. Basically we don’t spend what we don’t have and we tailor our expenditure to our income. However, whilst we are financially solvent, these hard economic times have brought about a review of our spending and we are initiating some efficiency savings. Have you seen how much a second class stamp is? 32 pence! Thirty Two Pence! That’s almost 6s 6d. So, the database has been updated so that members with an email account receive their AGM pack electronically. This also saves on paper, envelopes and manpower. Plans to include biometric data on membership cards have been dropped as well as our Tripod replacement programme. Our special relationship with AHDA is stronger than ever and we remain committed members of NITO [North Ilford Treaty Organisation] although we are unhappy with the way subsidies are allocated by the British Union in Westminster.

So it is that the committee stand on their record of achievement and pledge continuance of our two main areas of expenditure – hire of halls for meetings and our hard copy newsletter [April edition at the printers now]. I can announce that the election will be held on 26th April 2010 at our Annual General Meeting details below.

Notice is hereby given of our
To be followed by a
Jacqueline Eggleston
Project Manager Fairlop Waters
Date: Monday 26th April 2010
Time: 7:30 – 9:30 pm
Place: Aldborough Room, Fullwell Cross Library

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