Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Manifesto for Birds

Thought I’d keep it topical. In fact the RSPB do have a manifesto: “As a charity, the RSPB does not support any political party. Instead, we engage with all parties equally in a bid to raise the environment up the political agenda.” See their objectives here.

Want to know more? Well, the local branch [the North East London RSPB] are holding court at the James Leal Centre this coming Friday 9th April and Saturday 10th April from 10:30am to 3:30pm. The idea is for you to find out about the RSPB, local wildlife, and local bird walks in the area. There will be a special exhibition on their “sustainable homes for birds” programme showing how Swifts and Sparrows can nest inside a roof. The demo roof will only be available on Friday from 12 noon to 3.30 pm and from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm on Saturday.
The Nature Conservation Rangers are doing monthly topics for the International Year of Biodiversity and April is about birds, in particular, the house sparrow and swift. The Rangers latest events schedule is now up on the council website.

The James Leal Centre is in Ray Park, Snakes Lane East, Woodford Green, Ilford, Essex, IG8 7JQ


  1. Are we going to have an Ombirdsman?

  2. Oh please Jawal, stop flying a Kite and Buzzard off if you are going to make puns like that!

  3. Judith - Owl he did was ask a question; nobody should Duck the issue. You can Swan off if you want to - just don't Fowl things up.